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We work to support children and their families to achieve the highest possible quality of life.  We offer a variety of services, programs, education opportunities, participation activities and resources for children, youth  and their families. 


We serve children and youth with autism who are eligible for registration with the OAP.
These services focus on children and their families from birth to school entry. Services are community-based
TVCC Clinicians support clients to have the best options for them in equipment, seating and splinting
TVCC is not only here to support children and youth, we also have services for the caregivers in their lives.
TVCC Occupational Therapists (OT) provide services to infants, children, youth and their families.
TVCC PT’s can help with strength, flexibility, coordination, walking (with and/or without equipment)
Having fun and being active are important for all children and youth. Our team of Recreation Therapists is here to help kids be kids...
TVCC offers services to support clients, families, and schools with the needs that come up in the school years.
TVCC offers many paediatric medical and dental clinics. Most clinics are organized by diagnosis.
Speech-language pathologist (SLP) support communication, speech and language needs
TVCC provides oversight and administration of the Blind Low Vision Early Intervention and Infant Hearing Programs.
Growing up is an important part of childhood. Our Horizons team supports that growth...


Ability Connections is a group of young people with disabilities who aim to increase public awareness
Outreach program for children and adolescents with diagnosed, acquired brain injuries (ABI)
We recognize the importance of physical activity and recreation for the physical, emotional, social
Adaptive Technology Service’s goal is to help make the equipment you need right for you!  We des
For clients who need a consult with an Orthopaedic Surgeon and/or Physiotherapist.
This service supports children and youth to develop their face-to-face and written communication skills.
Biking with family and friends is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, exercise and simply have fun.
Providing child and family centred education, services and support for parents of children who were born blind or with low vision.
Acute Therapy following obstetrical nerve injury to the upper extremity.
For parents and caregivers of young children with autism - free of charge.
For infants, children, and youth with a diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy who have complex needs requiring multidisciplinary care and support.
Assess and treat children and youth in Southwestern Ontario who have conditions affecting their teeth and facial structure.
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Provides information and strategies to help children and youth (ages 5+) achieve better bladder and bowel control
Individual & Group Treatment for children/youth with autism to be purchased with your One-Time Funding or Core Clinical Services funding
Assessment of eligibility for funding for dental services.
For young children with autism to get ready for school - free of charge.
TVCC OTs focus on helping clients to be successful with everyday activities using their strengths and abilities.
TVCC PT’s can help with strength, flexibility, coordination, walking, posture while sitting or standing, as well as breathing.
Education, information and Consultation for families of children/youth with autism - free of charge.
Open to all TVCC clients from the age of 12 until you leave high school!
Focus is on identifying all infants with permanent hearing loss
Kids on the Block is now available both virtually and in-person! Kids on the Block is a troupe of li
For infants, children, and youth with a diagnosis of a neuromuscular condition
The Orthopaedic Clinic helps children with problems with their bones.
Specialty Clinic Services are available for clients and families in Southwestern Ontario
Our Parent Mentors are parents of TVCC clients who share their experiences
We help children and youth with communication including augmentative and alternative, speech etc.
Clients and their families may see some or all of the Clinic team in one visit
Therapy services may be available at school to enable a student to attend and participate in school
Our seating services aim to provide clients and families with the best options to support independence
Social work can play an important role in supporting children and families. The social work team is
Specialty Clinic Services are available for clients and families in Southwestern Ontario
Splinting and casting can provide a long gentle stretch to the muscle or joint. This can lead to inc
Consultation sessions for parents and caregivers of children/youth with ASD who are registered with the Ontario Autism Program (OAP).
Therapeutic Recreation helps children, youth and families experience and enjoy their leisure, sport
Acute therapy for infants presenting with decreased neck range of motion.
A Speech Language Pathologist will assess speech and resonance with further consultation from E.N.T and Prosthodontics as appropriate.
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Caregiver Education

(Tues; Jan 11-Mar 15) Join us weekly for a 30-minute virtual education session where you will learn foundational principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA).
(Jan 25 2022) Monthly virtual Augmentative Communication Service Lunch and Learn workshops for professionals.
(Online learning module) Learn what augmentative communication is all about, what to expect and what's involved with this service.
(Jan 26) Are you a professional who wants to know what is going on? Join the Program Coordinators and Family Liaison from ABS to get the latest information.
(Jan 19 or 25) Did your child or youth recently receive a diagnosis of autism? Although autism doesn’t define your child, you probably want to know how you can support your child/youth to be successful.
(Thurs; Jan 20 - Feb 10) This 4-part workshop series is designed to help you identify what's in your cup and will teach you simple ways to refill your cup within your own daily activities.
(Online learning module) will teach you to use a strategy that creates a desire to communicate.
(Online learning module) Learn what core vocabulary is, how it's different from fringe vocabulary, key characteristics of core vocabulary, why using core vocabulary is so important and how to teach core vocabulary.
(Online learning module) Learn what expanding communication is all about, how to do it and why it is important in supporting your child's communication development.
(Feb 2 or Mar 2 or Apr 14) Learn about making mealtimes positive, reducing power struggles, defining parent and child feeding roles, the role of sensory processing in eating challenges.
(Feb 8 or 17) Discuss strategies to help you find what motivates your child and maintain their motivation!
(Online learning module) An overview of funding resources and options for children with special needs.
(Mar 23) Attendees will have the chance to hear stories and ask questions of other TVCC parents and youth who have experienced the move to high school. You will also hear from TVCC youth staff about how they can support students with this transition and the high school years.
(Jan-May 2022) Connect with other families and gather resources. Get organized, gain knowledge, talk about advocacy and plan for today, tomorrow and the future.
(Feb 16 or 28) Parents will learn to identify and prepare for those risks, and make a plan. This presentation focuses on children with autism in high risk situations but all parents and professionals are welcome to participate.
(Online learning module) Learn what modeling is and why it is important in helping to develop your child's language and communication skills.
(Feb 23 or Mar 30) Do you know what financial resources are available for your child or youth with a disability?
(Feb 3 & 10) Parents will enjoy presentations from TVCC's Parent Mentors and Special Education staff from the Thames Valley District School Board and the London District Catholic School Board.
(Online learning module) The module covers what prompting communication means, the prompting hierarchy and how to implement prompting to support your child's communication development.
(Feb 1) Introduction to what the sensory systems are and how they work.
(Online learning module) will teach you about shared reading and how to get the most out of reading with your child who uses AAC.
(Feb 9) Learn about what constipation is, why it happens and ways to help your child/youth poop with greater ease and more regularity.
(Jan 27) This presentation will teach you how to use behavioural strategies to prepare for, and minimize, the challenges associated with puberty for teens with autism.


(Mondays... Nov 2021-Jun 2022) Whether you are just discovering what it is that makes you unique or you loudly and proudly announce yourself to the world, there's a place for you at Ability Connections!
(Sept 2021 - Aug 2022) A SUBSCRIPTION OF THE MONTH CLUB! Select any or all of the resource items you would like to receive. At the end of each month, you will receive a package in the mail with the selected item.
(Mon/Thurs; Jan - June) Make friends, connect with others, share resources, network, tell your story or just hang out and know that you're among friends in this non-judgemental and understanding group.
(Feb 1) Themed based weeks, will offer opportunities to explore action and rhythm songs, movement activities, stories and bubbles.
(Tues; Jan 11 - Mar 15) You will have the chance to share stories and strategies with other parents, ask questions and connect with people who may have had similar experiences.
(Jan 24) Staff from community organizations will be on hand during this Virtual Summer Day Camp Open House to provide information and answer questions.
(Wed; Feb 2-Mar 30) Connect, hang out and try something fun! Play games, join in trivia or plan for something new.


This page contains links to handouts and resources about AAC that you may find useful. AAC Awareness
Snap+Core Program Button in the Snap + Core First App Set a Linking Button to Visit a Pa
Families registered with the Ontario Autism Program (OAP) can consult with an Autism & Behavioural
Neuroscience Education Resources Virtual Encyclopedia (NERVE) Brain Injury Associ
Cerebral Palsy Guidance is a US BASED website created to provide answers and assistance to parents o
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Refer a child with developmental challenges 2 years or younger, by contacting Developmental Resource
Introduction to Funding and Support  |  ACS Orientation Module  |  eLearning Troubleshooting
We hope this will help you think about options and make the best choices possible for your family, w
The following resources and links will help you learn a bit more about funding options for seating a
Use this checklist as a guide of things you should think about in preparing for community participa
Therapy services may be available at school if required to enable a student to attend school, partic
Communication boards for people who use Augmentative Communication are available at all London Libra
The Ontario Autism Program (OAP) is funded through the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services (MCCSS).
How to prevent your baby from developing a flat head What is Plagiocephaly? Since the introduction o
When you attend your appointments in the Seating and Mobility Department, please anticipate being he
The Therapeutic Recreation team at TVCC has gathered a number of resources and ideas for families to is a great resource for services available in your community. fe
The Therapeutic Recreation team is dedicated to sharing programs, resources, events and stories abou
What is joint attention? Joint attention is when two people share acknowledgement in an object or event. For example, a child sharing interest with another person about something that they find interesting or exciting.
How often should my child be in their wheelchair during the day now that we are home more?If your ch
What to do if your baby has torticollis What is torticollis? Torticollis, sometimes called ‘wrynec
An important part of a baby’s daily routine Positioning your baby In response to the “Back to Sl
Zoom provides a safe, appropriate way to provide services and supports to many clients and families.
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