Augmentative Communication Handouts

This page contains links to handouts and resources about AAC that you may find useful.

AAC Awareness

I Can Blog

"I Can" was a monthly blog to help kids who use augmentative communication increase their participation.


Augmentative Communication Strategies

This page contains links to handouts and resources about AAC that you may find useful.  These downloadable handouts are free for your use with credit and in their original format.

Using Symbols

Symbols are the “words” kids who are non-verbal use to talk. Using symbols (pictures or text) is a foundational skill of learning to use an augmentative communication system.

Kids need to learn what symbols mean by having the people around them model using them.  Kids can also learn what symbols mean by having opportunities to use them to talk.  Here are some handouts modeling and giving kids a chance to use symbols to talk.

Clarification Strategies

Kids who have verbal skills can also benefit from the use of symbols, especially if they are not always understood by the listeners around them. These handouts explore how augmentative strategies can help kids and their communication partners share a message effectively when speech is used in combination with symbols, pictures and text.

Exploring technology

Simple speech generating device are a great way for kids to explore the use of recorded messages to communicate with others.  They range from one to multiple messages on a single device.  Here are some handouts to help generate some ideas about messages that can be recorded onto simple speech generating devices.


Some kids have difficulty accurately pointing to symbols and/or activating buttons on speech generating devices.  Here are some handouts to help explore alternate ways that kids with difficulty accurately access symbols or a device with their hands.

Communicating with someone who uses AC

Learning to communicate with someone who uses AC can be challenging at times.  Here are some tips for communicating with someone who uses augmentative communication:

Communication Strategies

Kids need to learn to use symbols to communicate and have the opportunity to practice and see others using symbols.  Here are some handouts that explain how to help kids learn to use symbols.