Therapeutic Recreation

Therapeutic Recreation helps children, youth and families experience and enjoy their leisure, sport and recreation to the fullest. 

By working together to support and create meaningful opportunities, we enhance opportunities for participation as fully and independently as possible.

Access to Services

Ask your TVCC service provider to make a referral (if you have one) or request this service by contacting our intake/referral team.

What to Expect

A recreation therapist will work closely with your child/youth, your family, your child's therapists, and your community recreation providers. This will involve an exploration conversation leading to an assessment, treatment plan and setting goals specific to individual strengths, abilities and interests related to recreation, leisure and sport participation.

We can help you / your child with:

  • Recreation and sport skill development 
  • Adapted recreation equipment
  • TVCC and community-based recreation opportunities
  • Community integration assistance
  • Leisure awareness and education

Recreation Therapists at TVCC are registered members of Therapeutic Recreation Ontario.

Infographic about the Benefits of Therapeutic Recreation in Pediatric settings.

For More Information

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