Conversation Books

What are Conversation Books?

  • A collection of objects, pictures, and resources to support your child’s primary mode of communication.
  • An example of Augmentative Communication – a tool that helps a child communicate in another way other than their speech or use of symbols alone
  • Personalized books created by family members and partners who know their kids best
  • A way for you and your child to support their communication if there is a breakdown
  • A fun way for your child to help explain what they are interested in, share news about what they have done, where they have gone, or what is coming up soon that is important in their life

What do you include in a Conversation Book?

Items from Recent or Upcoming Events:

  • Ticket stubs (i.e., from a movie), receipts
  • Ads, articles or brochures
  • Photographs
  • Greeting cards from special people or events
  • Party invitations

Drawings by Student or Family Members (actions):

  • Making cookies
  • Taking the dog for a walk
  • Going skating
  • Playing with a favourite action figure 

Lists of Important Words (may include those with sounds that are difficult to say):

  • Favourite toys, movies, music, board games or video games
  • Family members
  • Friends’ names

Photographs or Small Objects

  • Collectors cards
  • Favourite toys
  • Objects from a trip (i.e. leaf from a hike)

Alphabet or Core Word Board

  • An ABC or QWERTY keyboard can be helpful for your child to identify the sound or spell the word if they are having difficulty.

You can jot down a note on a Post-It or Index card if more information needs to be added for any of the above, or simply just a note to help the communication partner learn more. 

PDF Format of Conversation Books Resource