Visuals and Schedules - Resources

Create Your Own

  • Cut pictures out of flyers or magazines
  • Use Google
    • Click ‘image’ tab
    • Search for image you want
    • Save and print out

Templates for Creating Visuals

Use the visuals engine 

  • Select how many images you want on a page
  • Add pictures from the online gallery, or upload from your computer
  • Print or save to your computer when you are done

Explore Existing Resources

Free downloads from ABA Educational Resources
Premade materials from do2Learn


Visual Schedules Lite – You can create your own schedule on your phone or tablet using the included cartoon visuals or your own photos. You can also select from pre-made routines. This eliminates the need to print or draw pictures. (Available for iOS iPhone and Android)

ChorePad Lite – This app uses written words tell child/youth what chore to complete and they can earn stars or tokens (available for iOS devices)

Time Timer – Use this app to show a visual representation of how much time is remaining in an activity. For example, instead of saying “5 minutes” or seeing numbers change on a digital countdown, the child/youth sees less “red” area as the timer goes closer to zero. (Available for iPhone, iPad, Android, or desktop - Windows or Mac)