Getting Ready for Community Participation: A Checklist

Use this checklist as a guide of things you should think about in preparing for community participation

  • The activities your child enjoys, personal strengths, past experiences and new leisure opportunities like Brownies,libraries, church groups, parks, sports clubs, etc.
  • The importance of being in a program with a familiar person.
  • The child/staff ratio, keeping in mind your child’s needs and the type of setting. Does your child need extra support during activities, transition time, washroom breaks, lunchtime, etc.? How will this support be provided -camp staff, support worker, family member, friend?
  • Accessibility for transportation, washrooms, buildings and the program site, parking, change rooms, lifts, etc.
  • Safety issues, such as: how is medication handled? how is a child who wanders kept safe?
  • Behaviour difficulties and how they will be handled.
  • The need for individualized staff training to understand your child’s disability.
  • The need for adaptation of activities and equipment.
  • Open house opportunities. Bring your child with you and talk with other parents.
  • How can you help with suggestions, training, extra hands,
    etc.? You know your child best.
  • Can TVCC help? If yes, contact your child’s therapist with questions FOUR weeks before the start date.
  • Check with the Program Leader TWO weeks before it starts to ensure your child’s special needs are understood and the program is ready for your child. This helps to make for a fun first day!