John Deere Mighty Trike

John Deere Mighty Trike LP-64479
(Approximate cost $170.00)

John Deere Mighty Trike Features:

  • Adjustable seat
  • Large pneumatic tires
  • Constructed of tubular steel
  • Some assembly required

john deere trike with children pedaling bike

Modified John Deere Mighty Trike may include:

  • Adjustable seat position
  • Alternative seat option/style
  • Back shell
  • Pedal helpers

john deere trike modified with seat option for back


  • Hyde Park: 519-666-2300
  • St. Thomas: 519-631-7230
  • Exeter: 519-235-1115
  • Mitchell: 519-347-2251
  • Blyth: 519-523-4244
  • Walkerton: 519 881-2231
  • Thamesford: 519-285-3845
  • Chatsworth: 519-794-2480

Please contact the store of your choice to inquire if they have the Trike in stock as stock may be limited and need to order for another location at no cost to the customer.

Contact the Bike Team for more information at Rachel.Ireland [at] or Cheryl.Scholtes [at]