Community Workshops and Presentations

Everyone benefits when agencies and businesses have a strong commitment to creating inclusive environments. Do you want to promote independence and success for people with various needs, but aren’t sure where to start? We have training and resources on a variety of topics (see below).

We can customize the training to meet your exact needs and address the challenges you may be having. We have provided training/professional development for: daycare staff, group home staff, summer camp staff, school boards, agencies working with adults with disabilities …the list goes on! We can deliver one-hour sessions, full-day workshops, or anything in between.


Access to Services

Call us at 1-866-590-8822 ext 53367 or email register [at] to start the process.

What to Expect

You’ll talk with TVCC staff to narrow down what you’re hoping to learn from the training. Any of the topics below can be customized to fit your needs.


Health and Wellness

Sleep (2 hours)
Understand why sleep is important to everyone, how to identify sleep disturbances, and learn practical approaches to improve sleep. The sleep workshop is designed for parents/caregivers of children/youth with disabilities.

Toilet Training (2 hours)
Better understand the steps and strategies involved in toilet training. Learn how you can determine a child/youth’s readiness to begin. The toilet training workshop is designed for parents/caregivers of children/youth with disabilities.


Building a Skill (3 hours)
In this interactive workshop, you choose a skill you’d like to teach. The presenter helps guide you through the process of teaching that skill.

Building Social Skills (2 hours)
Learn how autism and other diagnoses may impact social skills.  We will discuss strategies that can help kids with autism develop social skills.

Improving Communication Skills (2 hours)
Learn how and why we communicate and strategies that will strengthen communication between children/youth and the key adults in their lives.

Improving Cooperation (2 hours)
Are you tired of asking your child/youth to do something over and over? This workshop offers hands-on activities with the presenter to learn how to increase a child/youth’s cooperation.

Strengthening Learning (2 hours)
How do we learn? This presentation talks about Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT) and how this can help children/youth learn new skills. We will talk about motivation, child-directed activities, switching things up, and reinforcing attempts at skills.


ABC’s of Behaviour (1 hour)
This presentation offers a brief overview of behaviour. You will learn how events before and after behaviour have a significant impact on how often the behaviour happens in the future. You will learn how to change how often a specific behaviour happens.

Understanding Behaviour* (Between 3-4 hours depending on desired detail level)
*Most requested!
This in-depth workshop will teach about the ABC’s of behaviour. We identify behaviours that interfere with everyday activities. We look at why problem behaviours happen and the strategies to help manage them on a daily basis. The presenter will help you identify alternative behaviours that are more appropriate than the problem behaviours. You will develop a plan to target a specific problem behaviour.
Please note: in this presentation, we cannot address more severe interfering behaviours such as self-injurious behaviour (e.g., hits own head) or aggression that causes physical harm to others.

Why Do They Do That? (1 hour)
This presentation is a brief introduction to why people behave in certain ways. You will learn strategies to reduce a specific behaviour depending on why the person is doing it.

What is Applied Behaviour Analysis? (2 hours)
This presentation will introduce the principles of applied behaviour analysis (ABA). We will define behaviour (hint: it involves everything we do, even the good stuff!). You will learn what affects behaviour, how to change behaviour and teach new skills.

Specialized Topics

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder? (2 hours)
This presentation will explain the characteristics of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). You’ll leave with practical strategies to help children/youth with autism be at their best.

Preparing for Camp (2 hours)
This presentation is designed for camp staff and inclusion counsellors. It gives a brief understanding of applied behaviour analysis (ABA), and shows how you can use ABA strategies to support children/youth at camp. ABA can be used with all children/youth, and especially children with disabilities.

Universal Supports & Transitions – Daycare or School Staff (2 hours)
This presentation is ideal for school or daycare staff. Universal Supports create an inclusive environment, prevent problem behaviours, and increase learning opportunities and independence. Universal Supports are things like visual supports, and changes to teaching style. You will learn practical ways to use Universal Supports in the classroom.

For More Information

Please call 1-866-590-8822 ext 53367 for a customized quote.

Prices vary based on the type, length and location of the presentation. Prices start at $125 for an hour long session. 

Note: There may be an additional charge for printed materials, AV equipment and travel depending on location and number of participants.