Aided Language Stimulation

What is Language Stimulation (ALS)?

  • An approach in which the communication partner simultaneously selects vocabulary (picture symbols) on the child’s communication display in conjunction with speaking the verbal language.
  • Through the modeling process, the concept of using the picture symbols interactively is demonstrated for the individual.
  • Learners are prompted to use symbols to communicate within the context of motivating and frequently-occurring routines.
  • It allows children using Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) to learn language the same way typical children learning language, through others modeling in natural interaction.
  • This strategy has been shown to help children develop receptive and expressive language, expand their vocabulary and the amount of words/symbols they combine.

Aided Language Stimulation is more than modeling “this symbol means this,” but also:

  • How symbols can be used to say real things in real situations
  • Get ideas of what to say (i.e., different words) and when to say it
  • To develop syntax, or sentence structure and grammar
  • To learn different reasons to communicate
  • How to use the communication device
  • Repair strategies when mistakes are made 

PDF Format of Aided Language Stimulation Resource