Kids on the Block

Kids on the Block is now available both virtually and in person! Kids on the Block is a troupe of life-sized puppets who educate children, youth, parents, teachers and the community about disabilities, abilities, acceptance, diversity and inclusion.

The "Kids" are brought to life by trained volunteer puppeteers. Various scripts are used in a performance to describe disabilities and abilities. 

Kids on the Block is ...

  • geared to children up to the age of 12, with all ages, including adults, enjoying the shows and developing awareness.
  • performed live or virtually on Zoom or the platform of your choice by a group of dedicated and trained volunteer puppeteers that bring the “kids” to life.
  • linked to TVCC Storytellers, a group of youth with disabilities who increase awareness through public community presentations.
  • supported by donations to TVCC through our partners at Children's Health Foundation.

Access to Services

Kids on the Block is available to daycares, schools, sporting groups and community organizations. Our puppets interact with your classroom/group with a brief introduction followed by a live or pre-recorded skit (for virtual performances) and close with a live question and answer period. To arrange a performance, please email: kids [at] ( (Ability Awareness Coordinator) or call  519.685.8700 ext 53706

What to Expect

  • One to two topics are chosen: See the list below.
  • Customized from 30 to 60 minutes in length and includes audience participation through questions and comments.
  • Live presentations have a welcome from the puppets, a live skit, followed by a question and answer period.
  • Virtual presentations are a combination of a "live" introduction with Mark Reilly (spokes-puppet), and a pre-recorded skit, followed by a "live" question and answer period.

Performance Topics

Topic Appropriate for Grades
ADHD  2 - 6
Autism (Available Virtually) 2 - 6
Cerebral Palsy (Available Virtually) JK - 6
Down Syndrome 2 - 6
Epilepsy 2 - 6
Feelings Are Important JK - 6
Hemophilia 2 - 6
Learning Disability (Available Virtually) JK - 6
Muscular Dystrophy 2 - 6
Self Esteem    2 - 6
Spina Bifida  JK - 6
Teasing, Bullying & School Safety (Available Virtually) 2 - 6

Coming soon: Blind/Low Vision

If you are unsure which topic would best suit your group, please contact us to discuss your needs!

Audience testimonials:

“The script nailed it … How it has been for me living with a disability for all my life.”
“Thank you for teaching us about differences and to respect each other.”
“Remember we are all the same inside.”

For More Information

Please contact:
kids [at] ( (Ability Awareness Coordinator)

519.685.8700 ext 53706

To become a volunteer puppeteer, please contact:
amanda.giorgini [at] ( (Volunteer Services)

519.685.8700 ext 53452

To make a donation, please contact:
Children's Health Foundation or 519.432.8062

Specify that you wish to direct your support to TVCC | Kids on the Block.

Donations to Kids on the Block help cover the cost of puppets, props, travelling, volunteer training, program coordination and subsidies.
Thank you for considering a contribution to our performance.

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