Preschool Speech and Language

TVCC Speech Language Pathologists (SLP) provide services to infants, children, youth and their families. We help children and youth with communication including augmentative and alternative communication, speech (articulation), language, stuttering, feeding/swallowing, and pre-literacy needs.

Using your child’s strengths and abilities, Speech-Language Services can help improve your child’s ability to interact with peers and family, and overall language and communication. Whether the focus for your child/youth is on better understanding what friends or family say, or improving the ability to share words and ideas, speech services can help! SLP’s will develop a personalized plan that is just right for your family.


Access to Services

If you are making a referral to tykeTALK Preschool Speech & Language Program (Elgin, London, Middlesex, Oxford) or the Grey Bruce Preschool Speech & Language Program, referrals will be accepted until February 29, 2024 for children who will be registering to begin JK, SK or Grade 1 in the fall of 2024.

If you have any questions about eligibility criteria, please contact an Intake Coordinator at 519.685.8716 (in London calling area) or 1.866.590.8822 ext 58716 (toll free).

For families residing in Huron and Perth counties, please contact smallTALK directly.

Grey and Bruce Counties - Grey Bruce Integrated Preschool Speech and Language Program: TVCC provides speech and language services to preschoolers in Grey and Bruce counties. Service requests can be made through TVCC   intake / referral team.

London-Middlesex, Elgin and Oxford Counties - TVCC provides oversight and coordinated access to tykeTALK speech and language services for preschoolers in London-Middlesex, Elgin and Oxford counties by TVCC, Western University and Woodstock Hospital. All service providers contracted by TVCC to provide tykeTALK services are actively involved at all levels of this system. Service requests can be made through TVCC intake and referral team.

Huron and Perth Counties - smallTALK provides speech and language services to preschoolers in Huron and Perth counties.

What to Expect

What does an assessment look like?

After your referral is received and registered with preschool speech and language services, you will receive a call to schedule an initial assessment with a speech-language pathologist (SLP) licensed by the College of Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists of Ontario. At this time, many initial assessments are virtual. The SLP will gather specific information from you, based on a completed Focus© Parent Questionnaire that will be sent to you when an appointment has been confirmed. You will be asked to bring the completed form to the assessment. Depending upon the age of your child and the stage of your child’s language development, the SLP will use observation and specific tests to determine your child’s strengths, and areas where there may be challenges. The tests are fun and use toys to keep your child’s attention. We want the assessment to be a positive experience for you and your child. At the end of the assessment, the SLP will discuss the findings with you. Recommendations for therapy will be made, when necessary. Other options for programming for your child will be shared with you at this time. We are looking forward to working with you and your child!  You are your child’s best teacher!  

What does speech and language therapy look like?

All therapy sessions involve the child’s parent(s) and/or caregiver(s). Therapy can be offered in many different ways to meet the needs of your child and family. It may change over time. You and your Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) will discuss a therapy plan that best fits your child’s needs. Therapy may look different during your time with tykeTALK. Therapy may include:

  • Education sessions for parents and caregivers
  • A home program with ideas to practice at home and/or at your child’s childcare centre
  • Monitoring of your child’s progress periodically on the telephone or in person
  • Therapy sessions in a small group of children who have needs like your child
  • Therapy sessions individually with a SLP or Therapy Assistant. 

Why is parent/caregiver involvement so important?

You are an important member of your child’s team. You know your child best! Parent/Caregiver involvement greatly benefits your child because:

  • You are your child’s first and best teacher
  • You are motivated to help your child 
  • You are with your child every day
  • You can use everyday activities to practice skills
  • You can help your child use their skills in different places 
  • Your child needs regular and repeated practice to make change                

What does parent/caregiver involvement look like?

The purpose of your visits with the SLP or Assistant is to help you learn and practice the skills to work on the goals you have set for your child. It is very important that you participate in the sessions (group or individual) so you can feel ready and comfortable to continue that work once the session is done. Parent/Caregiver involvement means:

  • Attend all therapy sessions. Inform your SLP or Assistant when you need to cancel a session. 
  • Participate in all therapy activities (e.g., Get on the floor or sit at the table with your child, play and take turns with your child) 
  • Actively participate in your child’s therapy plan (e.g., goal setting).
  • Ask questions!
  • Be present. Keep cell phones tucked away.
  • Let us know how your child is doing at home with what we’ve practiced together.  

Why is it important to attend all the therapy sessions?

  • In order for your child to make the most progress in therapy, it is important that you and your child attend all the scheduled therapy appointments.
  • Please arrive on time for your appointment. We are unable to lengthen sessions beyond the scheduled time.
  • Being present for the entire therapy session ensures that we have enough time for you and your child to achieve success each and every session.
  • We understand that sometimes illness or emergencies arise and you will have to cancel a therapy appointment. Please call ahead.