The Wellness Project


TVCC youth have been through a lot in the last two years with disruptions to education, services, leisure programs, and recreation opportunities. At a time when teens should be building relationships and independence, youth were kept home and isolated. We know this has left a lot of you with feelings of stress and anxiety, and that these feelings are felt through the entire family. TVCC wants to help rebuild your family's sense of well-being through a new program that will address the core areas of mental wellness: Connection, Activity, Mindfulness, and New Skills. This is for you - TVCC youth, parents/caregivers, and siblings. 

Access to Services


What to Expect

A team of TVCC staff are excited to work with TVCC families in virtual  and in-person groups at TVCC and community locations.

For More Information

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This program is funded through a generous grant from the Children's Health Foundation.