Choosing a Bike and Common Bike Adaptations

When choosing a bike for a beginning or new rider, there are many things to consider to maximize success. Listed below are some things to consider when choosing a bike as well as some simple modifications that may be made to the bike to support riders who may find aspects of bike riding tricky.

TVCC’s Adapted Bike Clinic is an opportunity to explore a child’s abilities and bike riding. The multidisciplinary team will determine what type of bike, adaptations, and tips and tricks would make riding a bike successful. TVCC’s Workshop will support the installation of bike modifications if needed. Contact the Bike Team for more information: Rachel.Ireland [at] (Rachel[dot]Ireland[at]tvcc[dot]on[dot]ca) or Cheryl.Scholtes [at] (Cheryl[dot]Scholtes[at]tvcc[dot]on[dot]ca)

Hand-brakes – typically only active on the rear tire to offer a safer stop for the bike when braking

Handle bars – that are adjusted towards the rider to support sitting in an upright and tall position

Back support – supports rider to sit back in the seat and gives them something to stabilize against while pedaling

Banana seat – supports rider to sit back in the seat and pedal and push from their core as well as the legs

Wheel size – choose wheel size where rider is perched on the seat and can comfortably place balls of feet on the ground or feet flat on the ground

Oversized extra wheels – supports rider to stay balanced

Single speed bike with coaster brakes – ease of riding and simple to drive

Toe clips/Pedal helpers – to support the foot in staying on the pedals and prevent foot from slipping off the pedals

Low-slung frame – for ease of getting on and off the bike

bike showing hand brakes, handle bars, back support, banana seat, low-slung frame, toe clips and pedal helpers, over sized wheels