Social ABC's

For: children (12 to 42 months) at the start of intervention and who have social communication difficulties

Social ABCs is an evidence-based, caregiver-mediated intervention for toddlers.  It is a Naturalistic Developmental Behavioural Intervention that focuses on supporting a toddler’s use of vocalizations to communicate and share positive emotions with others. Opportunities for teaching and learning come from your child’s natural interests during playtime and day-to-day caregiving routines.

You will work with a trained coach to learn how to create an environment that supports your child’s social communication in your child’s natural environment, using play-based activities and daily routines that your child finds the most motivating.

The Social ABCs group model is a 6-week program.  Each week consists of a parent-only group and individual coaching sessions you attend with your child.  For the first three weeks, you will attend one parent group and two coaching sessions per week.  For the next three weeks, you will attend one parent group and one coaching session per week. 

The Social ABCs individual model is a 12-week program.  This model consists of weekly individual coaching sessions that you attend with your child (i.e., no group sessions).  The frequency of sessions gradually decreases over the duration of the program.  

This program is only offered virtually at this time.

The chart below is an overview of the similarities and differences between the C-MEY programs offered at TVCC:

Access to Services

Please note, that families must receive an invitation from the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services through the Government of Ontario before participating in C-MEY.

Once you have received the letter of invitation, register for the Caregiver-Mediated Early Years program by contacting Samantha McCarthy, C-MEY Program Coordinator, at:

  • Email: Samantha.McCarthy [at] (Samantha[dot]McCarthy[at]tvcc[dot]on[dot]ca)
  • Call: 866-590-8822 ext 53777
  • Text: 519-953-5680

You will be asked for your OAP Client Reference Number when you register for this program.

Contact abs [at] (abs[at]tvcc[dot]on[dot]ca) for information about registering with the OAP.

What to Expect

After registration with TVCC, we will call to speak with you about the programs we offer and help you decide which is the right fit for your child and family.

After choosing a program, you will be connected with an experienced clinician from TVCC and/or one of our four partner agencies providing C-MEY in southwestern Ontario.

For More Information

If you are new to TVCC, please register here: Intake & Referrals

Questions? Email us at abs [at] (subject: Questions%20about%20Caregiver-Mediated%20Early%20Years%20program) (abs[at]tvcc[dot]on[dot]ca)

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