Funding for Mobility Equipment

The following resources and links will help you learn a bit more about funding options for seating and mobility equipment.

Assistive Device Program (ADP)

Funding for both seating and wheeled mobility bases is available through the Ministry of Health under the Assistive Devices Program (ADP). Therapists who are part of the Seating Clinic are ADP authorizers of seating, wheelchairs and mobility equipment. They must ensure that clients meet the criteria established by ADP before applying for funding.

ADP will pay up to 75% of the cost of prescribed seating. Families receiving benefits from Community and Social Services are eligible for 100% funding for seating equipment. Only one seating system and wheeled mobility device can be funded at a time per person. Effective July 1, 1993 there is a maximum amount of money that ADP will contribute for wheelchairs. ADP has grouped wheelchairs and strollers into categories and have determined a maximum amount of contribution for each category.

Based on the assessment the authorizer (therapist) will indicate which category of wheelchair the client requires, the size of chair and other features. The client may have the choice between several chairs. However, special features required may limit the choice to one or two chairs.

Applying for ADP Funding

Once a decision has been made and agreed upon by everyone, the necessary forms will need to be completed. You and your therapist will complete the forms for ADP funding during the seating clinic appointment. Signature by the client, parent, legal guardian or trustee is required when applying for ADP funding. The forms are mailed to ADP for approval. You should be notified by ADP in 6 to 10 weeks whether funding has been approved or denied.

Once you receive approval from ADP you can go ahead with ordering the equipment from the vendor of your choice.

Funding for Portions Not Covered by ADP

The portion of the cost not funded by ADP is the responsibility of the client/family. Insurance benefits may provide coverage, depending on the individual plan. On request, a physician's letter of prescription will be provided.

Financial assistance may also be available from such agencies as the Easter Seal Society, March of Dimes and the Muscular Dystrophy Association of Canada, etc.. In all cases, the client/family must make the application for financial assistance to these agencies. We will provide supporting documentation on request. Confirmation of funding will be required before equipment is made or ordered.

Denial of ADP Funding

Some clients may not meet the criteria set by ADP for funding of seating and mobility equipment. Some types of equipment and modifications recommended at Seating Clinic are not funded by ADP. When this is the case, 100% of the cost will need to be covered by the client. Insurance benefits may provide coverage or application may be made to the agencies listed previously. Some service clubs may also consider funding this type of equipment.

TVCC Funding Guide

The TVCC Funding Guide provides an overview of funding options that may be available to you and your family.