Client Advisory Council

The TVCC Client Advisory Council Voice is growing and changing and needs your voice to make it happen. The TVCC Client Advisory Council has been a part of TVCC for almost a decade. If you are a current or past parent/caregiver or a former client, we'd love to hear from you. 

We are currently seeking Advisory Council Members, Virtual Partners and Storytellers.

The Advisory Council meets monthly at TVCC to discuss and advise on TVCC programs, developments, updates and new initiatives. The TVCC Client Advisory Council Voice (CAC) helps to promote client and family-centred care. The CAC provides a voice for client families. You can participate in person or by video/teleconference.

Virtual Partners provide feedback on documents through email and share input through surveys.

Storytellers share their stories in person, video or in print. These stories help TVCC staff and families learn more about what we do well and where we can grow.

We are looking to hear from people who have accessed any of our wide range of services, workshops, groups, and therapies. Active and past clients/families are invited to share. We need your stories to shape the stories of the future at TVCC.
To get started fill out this application or email cac [at]
We can't wait to hear from you!