TVCC Storytellers

TVCC Storytellers are a group of young people with disabilities who aim to increase public awareness of "Abilities" and "Possibilities" through community presentations.

They share their stories and experiences with students, teachers, parents and other community groups to broaden thinking and engage in discussions about inclusion, diversity, accessibility and ability. Presentations can be done in person or virtually through Zoom or the virtual platform of your choosing. 

Access to Services

If you are a youth client at TVCC and are interested in joining TVCC Storytellers, contact Sindy DeBenedictis at TVCC at 519.685.86700 ext 53706
E-mail: Sindy.DeBenedictis [at]

When booking a TVCC Storyteller speaker, let us know the following:

  • Description and size of the audience
  • Location, date and time of presentation
  • Physical accessibility of the location or virtual platform preference
  • Presentation topics of interest (length, subject matter)
  • Availability of audio/visual equipment
  • Contact person, including name, phone number and e-mail

What to Expect

Disability issues discussed can include:

  •     Inclusion
  •     Attitudes and Behaviours
  •     Accessibility
  •     Living Independently
  •     Education
  •     Employment/Voluntarism
  •     Relationships
  •     Leisure & Recreation
  •     Transportation
  •     Government funding

For More Information

Contact Sindy DeBenedictis at TVCC at 519.685.8680 ext 53706
E-mail: Sindy.DeBenedictis [at] 
Fax: 519.685.8706

Members of the TVCC Storytellers speak out!

"I am a 23-year-old small business owner. I joined this group to show everyone that people with disabilities can make a positive contribution to society."

"I am 21 and I have a brain injury. I wanted to let people know that people with disabilities can do anything!"

"I joined this program because I thought that it might be fun to speak in public. I also want to change people's ideas about what having a challenge means."

"I joined this program to help inform others about disabilities and to improve my public speaking skills."

"I am a 15-year-old who became involved with the program due to personal experience. I have witnessed firsthand the struggles of living with a disability."

"I have cerebral palsy. I am with this program to raise awareness and to go out and speak in the community."

"I joined this group to have fun and to educate people about disabilities."

"I have a disability which requires that I use a computer to speak to people. I joined TVCC Storytellers because I have a lot to say that people need to hear."

"I got involved with TVCC Storytellers because I want to talk about some of my experiences with my disability."

What people are saying about the TVCC Storytellers presentations:

". . . a great learning experience"

". . . really opened my eyes" "this type of presentation helps to break down the social barriers"

"Having a disability doesn't mean that you can't lead the life that you want to"

"I'll be more patient and understanding when talking with people"