Infant Hearing Program SW region

Infant Hearing services focus on identifying all infants with permanent hearing loss; giving parents and caregivers the information they need to make timely, informed decisions; and providing the services necessary to maximize family communication and language development.  

Please read about the changes coming to the Universal Newborn Hearing Screening (UNHS) process of the Ontario Infant Hearing Program (IHP).

Access to Services

Children from birth to 6 years of age in Southwestern Ontario including Elgin, London/Middlesex, Oxford, Huron, Perth, Grey, Bruce and Lambton counties.

What to Expect

Services include:

  • Universal newborn hearing screening takes place in the hospital pre-discharge or in the community. If you have not been contacted by a community screener, please call 1.877.818.8255 or 519.663.0273
  • If a community screener leaves a message, please call back within 5 days of the birth of your baby.
  • Audiological assessment for infants identified with a “refer” result from the screening
  • Re-assessment of high-risk infants ("surveillance")
  • Amplification (i.e., hearing instrument) prescription and verification
  • Information and support for families (Social Worker / Family Support Worker) for those identified with permanent hearing loss
  • Service options to enhance language development

For More Information

TVCC is the lead agency and coordinator of the Infant Hearing
Program for the Southwest region.

Contact:  1.877.818.8255

Learn more about the Ministry’s Infant Hearing Program