Achieving Independence in Virtual Sessions

  • Find a comfortable, quiet space for your child to attend sessions
    • Practice preparing the space together by tidying the space before session
  • Take time with your child to figure out what is motivating before session starts
    • This can be a toy, snack, game, activity, etc.
    • Use motivating items during session to give your child praise for participating and being independent
  • Help your child get into the routine of gathering materials for session before it begins
    • Start this process about 15 minutes before session, or adjust timing if it takes longer
    • Make a list using words or pictures, and allow your child to mark off materials as they are gathered, using a checkmark or sticker
  • Create a schedule together, putting activities such as: (1) tidy space (2) gather materials for session (3) virtual session (4) play time
    • Build breaks into the schedule
  • Teach your child how to ask for help
    • Make a “help” visual card that can remind your child when he is working independently and needs help
    • Practice asking for help before the session, like in play or during meals
    • Give your child a cue when he needs help such as telling him to raise his hand, or showing him what that looks like
  • Give your child choice (e.g., choosing the computer or tablet for session)
  • Allow your child to turn on the device and set it up
  • Use a visual timer to show your child how much time is left in the session
    • A timer could also show when a break begins and ends
  • Create distance between you and your child, and help as little as possible

Overall, have fun!

PDF Format of Achieving Independence in Virtual Sessions