Committee Opportunities

TVCC (Thames Valley Children’s Centre) is seeking individuals to serve as volunteer committee members on the Finance and Facilities, Communication, Education and Technology and Operational Priority Committees of the Board of Directors.

TVCC works to support children and their families to achieve the highest possible quality of life. Through a variety of services and supports for children and youth with physical disabilities, communication disorders, developmental delays and autism spectrum disorders, we aim to help our clients to be their best! Many of our services are provided in all ten counties in Southwestern Ontario. For more information on TVCC please explore our website

Communication, Education and Technology

The Communication, Education, and Technology Committee serves as an advisory and monitoring body within TVCC. It offers valuable input and guidance on various aspects, including public communications strategies, information technology plans and infrastructures, and resource and education plans. 

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Finance and Facilities Committee

The Finance and Facilities Committee provides financial oversight for the organization working with the Director of Finance, the Director of Human and Facility Resources, and the Chief Executive Officer by assisting in managing financial risk and enabling decision-making by reviewing and making recommendations where required for finance and facilities strategies, policies and practices of the corporation. 

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Operational Priority Committee

The Operational Priority Committee plays an advisory and monitoring role in overseeing the clinical and related programs of TVCC. Working closely with the Director of Quality Management and the Chief Executive Officer, the Committee discusses and recommends policies in the areas of service, research, education and innovation.

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The term of the positions will be two years, and we provide a hybrid option for all meetings. Meetings can be conducted through Microsoft Teams video conferencing or at our head office in London, Ontario.

This position comes with a time commitment of 90-minute monthly meetings during the work day from October through May.

Required Qualifications/Training:

Orientation to the Committee

Opportunity Location:

Remote/London, Ontario