Acquired Brain Injury (PABICOP)

Paediatric Acquired Brain Injury Community Outreach Program (PABICOP) is an outreach program for children and adolescents with diagnosed, acquired brain injuries (ABI) and their families.  PABICOP complements the services already available within each child/adolescent's community.  We recognize that children and adolescents with ABI and their families have complex and long-term needs.

This program aims to:

  • Support children and adolescents with ABI and their families through difficult and complex transitions from hospital to home, school and community
  • Support children and adolescents with previously diagnosed ABI related social, academic, medical and/or emotional issues
  • Assist families to gain knowledge and skills to access services
  • Provide health promotion regarding prevention and management of ABI

This service may be helpful to children and adolescents who have acquired a brain injury* due to:

  • Motor vehicle collision
  • Falls
  • Near drowning
  • Concussions
  • Meningitis/encephalitis
  • Stroke
  • Non-accidental trauma
  • Hypoxic/ischemic injury

*this does not include children with birth injuries and those with brain tumors

We Can Help if You Need the Following:

  • Specialized clinical consultation
  • Assistance with transition from hospital to home
  • Assistance with accessing or coordinating services
  • School support/liaison
  • Reintegration to community
  • Resource information
  • Specialized education about ABI


Access to Services

This service is available to children and youth who live in the counties of Middlesex, Elgin, Oxford, Huron and Perth who are seeking return to school and/or activity.

Concussion referrals are accepted:

  • after a concussion is diagnosed and clearly documented; and after more than 4 weeks post injury and still experiencing symptoms

To request service, please speak to your medical team about a referral. 

What to Expect

How Services are Delivered
Family centered, culturally sensitive service will be delivered through:

  • Service in the counties of Middlesex, Elgin, Oxford, Huron and PertHome visits, telephone support, consultation and counselling
  • Interdisciplinary case conferences
  • School and community liaison
  • In-services and workshops

Who We Are
Administrative Assistant
519-685-8704 or 1-800-804-5363

  • Clinic bookings
  • Office administration

Developmental Paediatrician

  • Reviews all referrals during intake process
  • Provides specialized medical consultation and follow up if appropriate
  • Provides clinical leadership related to education and research of paediatric ABI
  • Consults with hospital and community health care teams

Social Worker/Community Outreach Coordinator
519-685-8700 ext 53483

  • First point of contact with all new clients and family members following referral
  • Provides service in family and child's home and community
  • Provides transition support during a child's transition from hospital to home
  • Assists in the coordination of services and support for children and their families
  • Provides brief counselling and information via home visit or telephone

School Liaison
519-685-8700 ext 53434 or 53465

  • Supports educators and families with the school reintegration process
  • Provides ABI educational in-services to teaching staff and school boards
  • Provides consultation with schools to address ongoing learning and behavioural challenges

Occupational Therapist
519-685-8700 ext 53465

  • Provides assessment and consultation to parents, caregivers and school personnel
  • Provides in-services to community about ABI and how it has an impact on the functional abilities of children

For More Information

If you have any additional inquiries about this program, please contact:
519-685-8704 (in the London area)
or Toll Free 1-800-804-5363
fax 519-685-8152
email: pabicop [at]