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779 Base Line Road East
London ON N6C 5Y6
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1.866.590.8822 (tollfree)
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Staff Directory

Name Title Service Area Phone Email
Stephanie Walmsley Instructor Therapist Autism Services Stephanie.Walmsley [at]
Erin Walter Occupational Therapist School Therapy Services 226.668.4967 Erin.Walter [at]
Kim Walters Instructor Therapist Autism Services 519.685.8700x50133 Kim.Walters [at]
Wendy Webb Accounts Payable Clerk Business Office 519.685.8700x53366 Wendy.Webb [at]
Melanie Weese Lead Instructor Therapist Autism Services 519.370.0777 Melanie.Weese [at]
Joanne Weir Speech Language Pathologist Early Intervention Program 519.685.8700x53390 Joanne.Weir [at]
Heather Whitesell Physiotherapist Acute Paediatric Rehabilitation Service 519.685.8500x64259 Heather.Whitesell [at]
Lisa Widdifield Manager Autism Services 519.685.8700x53411 Lisa.Widdifield [at]
Lindsay Wilkin Occupational Therapist School Therapy Services 519.685.8700x53394 Lindsay.Wilkin [at]
Cathy Wilkins Written Communication Instructor Augmentative Communication Service 519.685.8700x53702 Cathy.Wilkins [at]
Jamie Willick Program Coordinator Autism Services 519.685.8700x53723 Jamie.Willick [at]
Genevieve Willis Speech Language Pathologist Early Intervention Program 519.685.8700x53398 Genevieve.Willis [at]
Colleen Willoughby Manager Clinical and Technical Specialty Services 519.685.8700x53439 Colleen.Willoughby [at]
Jillian Wilson Behaviour Clinician Autism Services 519.275.2562 Jillian.Wilson [at]
Kimberley Wilson Family and Community Consultant Autism Services 519.967.9214 Kimberley.Wilson [at]
Briauna Wnukowski Speech Language Pathologist School Therapy Services 519.685.8700x50416 Briauna.Wnukowski [at]
Eri Yamamoto Speech Language Pathologist Augmentative Communication Service 519.685.8700x53431 Eri.Yamamoto [at]
Mallory Young Saponja Instructor Therapist Autism Services 519.685.8700x52205 Mallory.Youngsaponja [at]
Grazyna Zdyb Payroll Clerk Business Office 519.685.8700x53363 Grazyna.Zdyb [at]
Emily Zhang Accounting Clerk Business Office Emily.Zhang [at]
Joy Zhao Accounting Clerk Business Office 519.685.8700x53435 Joy.Zhao [at]