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779 Base Line Road East
London ON N6C 5Y6
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1.866.590.8822 (tollfree)
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Update Information/Request a Report

To update your information with us or request a report, please contact Intake at 519.685.8716 or by email.

intake [at] (intake[at]tvcc[dot]on[dot]ca) 

Staff Directory

Name Title Service Area Phone Email
Jolanta Mista Administrative Assistant Autism Services 519.685.8700x58694 Jolanta.Mista [at]
Taylor Molinaro Instructor Therapist Autism Services 519.685.8700x59797 Taylor.Molinaro [at]
Dana Monteith Speech Language Pathologist Early Intervention Program 519.685.8700x50231 Dana.Monteith [at]
Sarah Moorehead Occupational Therapist School Therapy Services 519.685.8700x50433 Sarah.Moorehead [at]
Lisa Morren Administrative Assistant School Therapy Services 519.685.8700x51343 Lisa.Morren [at]
Alexis Morrison Speech Language Pathologist Augmentative Communication Service 519.685.8700x53740 Alexis.Morrison [at]
Liz Mota Manager Autism Services 519.319.3189 Liz.Mota [at]
Dezirae Neves Instructor Therapist Intern Autism Services 519.685.8700x59889 Dezirae.Neves [at]
Gillian Newkirk Speech Language Pathologist | Clinical Coordinator Early Intervention Program 519.685.8700x54079 Gillian.Newkirk [at]
Megan Nichols Knowledge Translation Specialist Quality Management 519.685.8700x53482 Megan.Nichols [at]
Carolyn Nicholson Speech Language Pathologist Early Intervention Program 519.685.8700x53771 Carolyn.Nicholson [at]
Rose Nunes Program Assistant Early Childhood Services 519.685.8700x53705 Rose.Nunes [at]
Jacqueline Ogola Speech Language Pathologist School Therapy Services 519.685.8700x50427 Jacqueline.Ogola [at]
Andrea Orsini Parent Mentor Family and Community Services 519.685.8700x53767 Andrea.Orsini [at]
Sarah Ouillette Instructor Therapist Autism Services 519.685.8700x58772 Sarah.Ouillette [at]
Frankie Ouimette Administrative Assistant Quality Management | Communication & Education 519.685.8700x53490 Frankie.Ouimette [at]
Allison Oulds Instructor Therapist Autism Services 519.685.8700x50236 Allison.Oulds [at]
Kristel Pallant Director Quality Management 519.685.8700x53361 Kristel.Pallant [at]
Kim Pancino Therapy Assistant Early Intervention Program | School Therapy Services 519.685.8700x53463 Kim.Pancino [at]
Tina Pancino Therapy Assistant Augmentative Communication Service 519.685.8700x59919 Tina.Pancino [at]
Lesley Papple Physiotherapist School Therapy Services 226.980.5209 Lesley.Papple [at]
Rebecca Parker Behaviour Analyst Autism Services 519.685.8700x53749 Rebecca.Parker [at]
Dr. Gordon Payne Dental Director Cleft Lip & Palate Program and Dental Clinic Gordon.Payne [at]
Maddie Perry Instructor Therapist Autism Services 519.685.8700x58776 Maddie.Perry [at]
Madison Perry Instructor Therapist Autism Services Madison.Perry [at]
Jackie Persin Clinical Coordinator ESCAAP 519.685.8700x58731 Jackie.Persin [at]
Jessica Pfister Clinical Coordinator School Therapy Services 519.685.8700x58781 Jessica.Pfister [at]
Reeta Philip Speech Language Pathologist School Therapy Services 519.685.8700x50432 Reeta.Philip [at]
Reeta Phillip Speech and Language Pathologist School Therapy Services 519.685.8700x50432 Reeta.Phillip [at]
Heather Pimperton Administrative Assistant Seating and Mobility Services 519.685.8700x53395 Heather.Pimperton [at]
Pamela Podlesney Physiotherapist School Therapy Services 226.927.6845 Pamela.Podlesny [at]
Jeannie Polania Data Entry/File Clerk Clinical Information Services 519.685.8700x58761 Jeannie.Polania [at]
Ashley Poore Instructor Therapist Autism Services 519.685.8700x50123 Ashley.Poore [at]
Liz Poppe Occupational Therapist School Therapy Services 519.685.8700x50431 Liz.Poppe [at]
Laura Poustie Clinical Cooridinator Early Childhood Services 519.685.8700x50247 Laura.Poustie [at]
Emily Powell Manager School Therapy Services 519.685.8700x50422 Emily.Powell [at]
Carrie Praught Data Entry/File Clerk Clinical Information Services 519.685.8700x53381 Carrie.Praught [at]
Cheryl Price Clinical Supervisor Autism Services 519.967.9214 Cheryl.Price [at]
Laura Pritchard Director Autism Services 519.685.8700x53724 Laura.Pritchard [at]
Lindsay Radford Clinic Assistant Clinic 519.685.8700x59892 Lindsay.Radford [at]
Nivin Raj Instructor Therapist Autism Services 519.685.8700x53779 Nivin.Raj [at]
Deeksha Rakesh Instructor Therapist Autism Services 519.685.8700x50240 Deeksha.Rakesh [at]
Jessica Rankin Instructor Therapist Autism Services 519.685.8700x50226 Jessica.Rankin [at]
Rachel Rayner Central Program Assistant Facility Resources 519.685.8700x58759 Rachel.Rayner [at]
Mackenzie Read Social Worker Family and Community Services 519.685.8700x53446 Mackenzie.Read [at]
Herb Regalo Administrative Assistant Family and Community Services 519.685.8700x53441 Herb.Regalo [at]
Lauren Renaud Instructor Therapist Autism Services 519.685.8700x59911 Lauren.Renaud [at]
Sarena Renaud Manager Facility Resources 519.685.8700x58784 Sarena.Renaud [at]
Kristine Rendell Therapy Assistant Early Childhood Services 519.685.8700x53714 Kristine.Rendell [at]
Kelly Resendes Family and Community Consultant Autism Services 519.685.8700x53471 Kelly.Resendes [at]