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779 Base Line Road East
London ON N6C 5Y6
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1.866.590.8822 (tollfree)
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Update Information/Request a Report

To update your information with us or request a report, please contact Intake at 519.685.8716 or by email.

intake [at] (intake[at]tvcc[dot]on[dot]ca) 

Staff Directory

Name Title Service Area Phone Email
Alysha Fleming Therapy Assistant Early Childhood Services 226.974.0462 Alysha.Fleming [at]
Sarah Ford Instructor Therapist Autism Services 519.685.8700x50130 Sarah.Ford [at]
Laurie Fowles Clinical Coordinator School Therapy Services 519.685.8700x50120 Laurie.Fowles [at]
Dr. Pam Frid Medical Director Paediatric Clinic / Paediatric Acquired Brain Injury 519.685.8700x51372 Pamela.Frid [at]
Tara Furneaux Family & Community Consultant Autism Services 226.446.8825 Tara.Furneaux [at]
Monique Gammell Occupational Therapist School Therapy Services 519.685.8700x58733 Monique.Gammell [at]
Chanice Garbish Central Adminsistrative Support Clerk Facility Resources 519.685.8700x53712 Chanice.Garbish [at]
Randi Garner Instructor Therapist Autism Services 519.685.8700x50138 Randi.Garner [at]
Sophie Gaulin Speech Language Pathologist Early Intervention Program 519.685.8700x53472 Sophie.Gaulin [at]
Carolyn General Behaviour Clinician Autism Services 519.685.8700x50139 Carolyn.General [at]
Amrita George Physiotherapist Acute Pediatric Rehabilitation Services 519.685.8500 EXT: 53796 Amrita.George [at]
Jonathan Giles Therapy Assistant Early Childhood Services 519.685.8700x58762 Jonathan.Giles [at]
Amanda Giorgini Volunteer Coordinator Human Resources 519.685.8700x53452 Amanda.Giorgini [at]
Katherine Goss Instructor Therapist Autism Services 519.685.8700x53776 Katherine.Goss [at]
Heather Graham Recreation Therapist Family and Community Services 519.685.8700x59881 Heather.Graham [at]
Kristie Grozelle Lead Instructor Therapist Autism Services 519.685.8700x50140 Kristie.Grozelle [at]
Samantha Gueguen Instructor Therapist Autism Services 519.685.8700x50126 Samantha.Gueguen [at]
Nicole Habib Clinic Assistant Clinic 519.685.8700x53386 Nicole.Habib [at]
Emma Hahn Program Assistant Autism Services 519.685.8700x53739 Emma.Hahn [at]
Ursula Haight Clinic Assistant Clinic 519.685.8700x58751 Ursula.Haight [at]
Shellee Hamilton Instructor Therapist Autism Services 519.685.8700x53489 Shellee.Hamilton [at]
Jenna Hanbidge Human Resources Generalist Human Resources 519.685.8700x58760 Jenna.Hanbidge [at]
Tanya Hansler Parent Mentor Family and Community Services 519.685.8700x59800 Tanya.Hansler [at]
Sara Harvey Occupational Therapist School Therapy Services 226.919.6422 Sara.Harvey [at]
Ellie Hays Instructor Therapist Autism Services 519.685.8700x58753 Ellie.Hays [at]
Jessica Hennessy Recreation Therapist / Professional Practice Leader Family and Community Services 519.685.8700x53433 Jessica.Hennessy [at]
Kate Henning Physiotherapist Early Childhood Services 519.685.8700x53380 Kate.Henning [at]
Gisela Hirata Speech and Language Pathologist School Therapy Services Gisela.Hirata [at]
Sarah Hodgins Speech Language Pathologist School Therapy Services 519.685.8700x58742 Sarah.Hodgins [at]
Hanna Hojdak Nurse Clinician Clinic 519.685.8700x53406 Hanna.Hojdak [at]
Emma Holden Youth Leader Family and Community Services 519.685.8700x53736 Emma.Holden [at]
Stacey Hopkins Behaviour Clinician Autism Services 519.685.8700x53794 Stacey.Hopkins [at]
Paul Howarth Chief Executive Officer Executive Office 519.685.8700x58681 Paul.Howarth [at]
Kerry Hunter Occupational Therapist Acute Paediatric Rehabilitation Service 519.685.8500x54094 Kerry.Hunter [at]
Bisan Hussein Instructor Therapist Autism Services 519.685.8700x50219 Bisan.Hussein [at]
Hanadi Ibrahim Instructor Therapist Autism Services 519.275.2562 Hanadi.Ibrahim [at]
Rachel Ireland Recreation Therapist Family and Community Services 519.685.8700x53464 Rachel.Ireland [at]
Tara Jackson Therapy Assistant Splinting and Casting 519.685.8700x53427 Tara.Jackson [at]
Sarah Janssen Physiotherapy Resident Acute Pediatric Rehabilitation Services Sarah.Janssen [at]
Jenna Jeffries Occupational Therapist School Therapy Services 519.685.8700x58754 Jenna.Jeffries [at]
Morgan Jenkins Occupational Therapist School Therapy Services 519.685.8700x58719 Morgan.Jenkins [at]
Morgan Jenkins Occupational Therapist School Therapy Services 519.685.8700x58719 Morgan.Jenkins [at]
Nya Jimson Intake Coordinator Quality Management 519.685.8700x52624 Nya.Jimson [at]
Justin John Social Worker Family and Community Services 519.685.8700x58783 Justin.John [at]
Stephanie Johnson Behaviour Clinician Autism 519.685.8700x50213 Stephanie.Johnson [at]
Jennifer Johnston Therapy Assistant School Therapy Services 519.685.8700x53780 Jennifer.Johnston [at]
Sarah Johnston Speech Language Pathologist Early Childhood Services 226.974.0513 Sarah.Johnston [at]
Taylor Kaufman Speech Language Pathologist / Professional Practice Leader School Therapy Services 519.685.8700x50211 Taylor.Kaufman [at]
Jess Kay Physiotherapist School Therapy Services 519.685.8700x53762 Jess.Kay [at]
Jessica Kay Clinical Coordinator Augmentative Communication Services 519.685.8700x53732 Jessica.Kay [at]