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779 Base Line Road East
London ON N6C 5Y6
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1.866.590.8822 (tollfree)
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Update Information/Request a Report

To update your information with us or request a report, please contact Intake at 519.685.8716 or by email.

intake [at] (intake[at]tvcc[dot]on[dot]ca) 

Staff Directory

Name Title Service Area Phone Email
Rachel Rayner Central Program Assistant Facility Resources 519.685.8700x58759 Rachel.Rayner [at]
Mackenzie Read Social Worker Family and Community Services 519.685.8700x53446 Mackenzie.Read [at]
Herb Regalo Administrative Assistant Family and Community Services 519.685.8700x53441 Herb.Regalo [at]
Lauren Renaud Instructor Therapist Autism Services 519.685.8700x59911 Lauren.Renaud [at]
Kristine Rendell Therapy Assistant Early Childhood Services 519.685.8700x53714 Kristine.Rendell [at]
Kelly Resendes Family and Community Consultant Autism Services 519.685.8700x53471 Kelly.Resendes [at]
Ashley Roberts Instructor Therapist Autism Services 519.685.8700x50133 Ashley.Roberts [at]
Catherine Roberts Administrative Assistant Autism Services 519.685.8700x58693 Catherine.Roberts [at]
Karina Rodgers Occupational Therapist School Therapy Services 519.685.8700x53483 Karina.Rodgers [at]
Morgan Roduner Program Coordinator Autism Services 519.685.8700x53640 Morgan.Roduner [at]
Jill Roedding Manager Human Resources 519.685.8700x53479 Jill.Roedding [at]
Pamela Ropp Instructor Therapist Autism Services 519.685.8700x50219 Pamela.Ropp [at]
Sher Rose Coordinator, Equipment and Information Services Facility Resources 519.685.8700x53400 Sher.Rose [at]
Ashley Roth Speech Language Pathologist Early Intervention Program 519.245.0999 Ashley.Roth [at]
Nathan Ruganda Computer Support Technician Information Technology 519.685.8700x59899 Nathan.Ruganda [at]
Sandra Ryall Clinic Assistant Clinic 519.685.8700x54086 Sandra.Ryall [at]
Kellie Ryan Lead Instructor Therapist Autism Services 519.685.8700x50124 Kellie.Ryan [at]
Christine Sabine Instructor Therapist Autism Services 519.685.8700x50424 Christine.Sabine [at]
Youssef Sahyouni Youth Leader Family and Community Services 519.685.8700x58721 Youssef.Sahyouni [at]
Jennifer Sanders Manager Autism Services 519.685.8700x50372 Jennifer.Sanders [at]
Cristina Santos Intake Coordinator Clinical Information Services 519.685.8700x53447 Cristina.Santos [at]
Jennifer Savel Director Facility Resources and Human Resources 519.685.8700x53499 Jennifer.Savel [at]
Kelli Schiedel Physiotherapist Early Childhood Services 519.373.6852 Kelli.Schiedel [at]
Stephanie Schnurr Lead Instructor Therapist Autism Services 519.685.8700x53642 Stephanie.Schnurr [at]
Cheryl Scholtes Physiotherapist Clinic 519.685.8700x53407 Cheryl.Scholtes [at]
Tina Schwob Intake Coordinator Clinical Information Services 519.685.8700x53476 Tina.Schwob [at]
Adam Scott Cleaner Facility Resource 519.685.8700x53420 Adam.Scott [at]
Michelle Servais Researcher Research | Quality Management 519.685.8700x54080 Michelle.Servais [at]
Lynn Seward Project Coordinator Autism Services 519.685.8700x59901 Lynn.Seward [at]
Lana Shapton Therapy Assistant School Therapy Services 519.685.8700x50429 Lana.Shapton [at]
Dawn Shivrattan Intake Coordinator Clinical Information Services 519.685.8700x53312 Dawn.Shivrattan [at]
Elise Shklar Speech and Language Pathologist School Therapy Services 519.685.8700x50239 Elise.Shklar [at]
Marzena Siczek Program Assistant Augmentative Communication Service 519.685.8700x53378 Marzena.Siczek [at]
Bonnie Skiffington Speech Language Pathologist Early Intervention Program 519.685.8700x53453 Bonnie.Skiffington [at]
Colin Skiffington Computer Support Technician Augmentative Communication Service 519.685.8700x53474 Colin.Skiffington [at]
Leah Skinner Physiotherapist Early Childhood Services 519.381.0924 Leah.Skinner [at]
Eric Smart Occupational Therapist School Therapy Services 519.685.8700x58780 Eric.Smart [at]
Andrew Smith Workshop Technician Seating and Mobility Services 519.685.8700x53425 Andrew.Smith [at]
Bryce Snyder Instructor Therapist Autism Services 519.685.8700x50214 Bryce.Snyder [at]
Brandi Sonoda Administrative Assistant Early Intervention Program 519.685.8700x53393 Brandi.Sonoda [at]
Denata Stanbury Information Analyst Quality Management 519.685.8700x53718 Denata.Stanbury [at]
Lisa Stanziano Therapy Assistant School Therapy Services 226.688.6462 Lisa.Stanziano [at]
Gill Stapleton Physiotherapist Early Childhood Services 519.685.8700x53788 Gill.Stapleton [at]
Gill Steckle Speech Language Pathologist Augmentative Communication Service 519.685.8700x53413 Gill.Steckle [at]
Jennifer Steeper Speech Language Pathologist School Therapy Services 519.685.8700x54098 Jennifer.Steeper [at]
Hailey Steinman Receptionist Facility Resources 519.685.8700x58680 Hailey.Steinman [at]
Kim Styles Administrative Assistant Early Childhood Services 519.685.8700x51219 Kim.Styles [at]
Christina Swett Occupational Therapist School Therapy Services | Seating and Mobility Services 519.685.8700x50435 Christina.Swett [at]
Jenna Tang Instructor Therapist Autism Services 519.685.8700x59912 Jenna.Tang [at]
Kathryn Tansley Physiotherapist Early Childhood Services 519.685.8700x53399 Kathryn.Tansley [at]