Bike Clinic

Biking with family and friends is a great way to enjoy being outside, exercising and simply having fun!

At our Bike Clinic, our Bike Team will work together with your family to find out the type of bicycle, adaptations (things we can change about a bike), and tips and tricks to make riding a bike successful.

This is a team put together by TVCC's Seating & Mobility, Recreational Therapy and Physiotherapy Services

Access to Services

To make a referral to Bike Clinic, call or fill out TVCC’s Online Referral Form indicating Bike Clinic. You can also ask any of your TVCC team to do a referral to the Bike Clinic for you. 

What to Expect

We offer:

  • Discovery Phone Call to learn about your goals and hopes
  • One on one bike assessments
  • The chance to try modified and specialized bikes (select sizing available)
  • Recommendations for what will work best for your child/youth and how to do it

A Discovery Call will take place with a member of the Bike Clinic team to learn more about your goals and what is wanted. Information may then be provided and/or a visit booked with the Bike Clinic team. During a bike assessment appointment, you and your child/youth will have the chance to meet with one or more members of the Bike Clinic team. Your child’s abilities and bike riding goals will be explored.  The team will help figure out what type of bike and/or changes would make riding a bike successful. At the end of the appointment we will share ideas, things to think about, and places to follow up to meet your child's bike riding goals.


  1. How much do bike changes cost? Modifications may include stability wheels to help with balance ($370- $450) a banana seat to assist with positioning ($300) pedal helpers to help keep a riders feet securely on the bike pedals ($40).
  2. I don’t have a bike for my child; can I still come to Bike Clinic? Yes, we have a few modified bikes to try and show you potential modifications.
  3. What do typical modifications look like? Please click here for a photo or a modified traditional two wheel bike (link) and a tricycle (link).
  4. Is there funding support to help with costs? There are a few funding sources that you can try: Special Services at Home budget, OAP funds, Tim Hickman foundation or local service clubs. Take a look at the TVCC Funding Guide for more ideas.
  5. Does TVCC sell bikes? No, we do not sell bikes, but we can do some of the modifications to your bike.  To move ahead with modifications, bring in the bike of your choice. *Please note: TVCC Technicians need to see bikes before doing any changes, to make sure that the changes are possible and that it will be safe to do the change. Please ensure you know the return policy for any bike you buy in case it can not be modified. 
  6. Can I purchase items myself and put them on my child’s bike? Yes! Many of the items we suggest are available at your local bike shop, big box store or
  7. I think my child needs a specialized bike to help with pedaling, adult supervision (rear steering and braking) or seating supports; does Bike Clinic support this? Yes! We will talk about this in our Discovery Phone call and provide you information and next steps.
  8. When is Bike Clinic held? In person visits are Monday – Friday from 8 am – 4 pm year round. Appointments are booked and confirmed in advance. 

For More Information

Please contact Rachel Ireland, Recreation Therapist at 519-685-8700 ext 53464 or Rachel.Ireland [at] (Rachel[dot]Ireland[at]tvcc[dot]on[dot]ca) or Cheryl Scholtes, Physiotherapist at 519-685-8700 ext 53407 or Cheryl.Scholtes [at] (Cheryl[dot]Scholtes[at]tvcc[dot]on[dot]ca)