tykeTALK: Making a Referral

Parents can refer children directly to tykeTALK by calling our Intake Coordinator. Our Intake Coordinator will gather information from you regarding your child’s speech and language development and concerns. Before you call, it will be helpful to have information available regarding your child’s development, both speech and other areas.

This process will take less than ½ hour. It is important because the information about your child will help the Speech- Language Pathologist to be ready with appropriate assessment materials when you and your child come for the assessment.

The Intake Coordinator will provide you with information on the locations of our service provider agencies and will discuss with you the most convenient location. Although we try to schedule assessments as quickly as possible, because of the great demand for our services, there might be a wait of 4 - 6 months for an assessment. Assessment appointments are scheduled Monday to Friday usually between 9am and 5pm and take place at the service provider agency.

Once you have spoken with our Intake Coordinator, you will receive a map and address of the service provider agency where you will be going for the assessment. You will also receive a parent questionnaire called the FOCUS. Please complete this and bring it with you to the assessment appointment. This questionnaire provides additional information to the Speech-Language Pathologist who will be assessing your child.

Make a Referral

You can make a referral by contacting our Intake Team. Call 519-663-0273 or Toll Free: 1877-818-TALK. Or by using the Preschool Speech and Language Referral Form found on www.tvcc.on.ca website. Our Intake Coordinator is also able to take referrals in French.

*Remember, email is not a secure form of communication.
If you are uncomfortable emailing us, feel free to call between 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM.


519.663.0273 1.877.818.TALK