Foundational Family Services

Foundational Family Services are a broad range of services and supports designed to help parents and caregivers learn how to support their child or youth with autism.

Through coaching sessions, education workshops, and visual and written resources, you will learn new strategies to help you refine the great things you are already doing to support your child. These services give you more tools to work with your child or youth with autism and participate in their ongoing learning and development.

All education sessions, materials and coaching sessions are developed and provided by qualified TVCC staff. 

Access to Services

OAP Foundational Family Services are provided free of charge to families of children/youth registered in the Ontario Autism Program.

You will be asked for your OAP Client Information Reference Number when you register for Foundational Family Services. Watch this video to find your OAP Client Information Reference Number or contact FFS [at] for information about registering with the OAP. 

See Registration Information Below.

What to Expect

Talk with Me

Parents and caregivers of children and youth with autism often have many questions. We offer free 45-minute sessions with a skilled Family & Community Consultant to talk about any issues, topics, or questions you may have about your child or youth with autism.

You will learn strategies to support your child with their learning and ongoing development. You will also learn about resources to help your child and family at home and in the community.

Multiple 45-minute time slots are available Monday to Friday. Daytime and evening times are available.

Talk With Me sessions take place on Zoom (or by phone). We will email you a Zoom invite for the time you select.

Please note, Zoom requires a camera and an internet connection.



Foundational Family Services at TVCC offers a variety of educational workshops for parents and caregivers - scheduled weekly.

The list of all TVCC educational workshops is updated regularly, so check back often! See the Foundational Family Services Presentations  list of topics we have prepared so far.

Workshops include up to 3 Follow-up Consults to further explore how you can apply the concepts you learned in the presentation or guided discussion.

Group Activities for Parents/Caregivers


Autism Mail Club

Autism Mail Club is now a SUBSCRIPTION OF THE MONTH CLUB! -  Select any or all of the resource items you would like to receive. At the end of each month, you will receive a package in the mail with the selected item. 


Parents Talking Across the Spectrum

Parents Talking Across the Spectrum - Sharing stories and strategies. Come together to share stories, ask questions and connect with others!  This is a weekly event open to families of children/youth registered in the OAP. 

Resources and Consults


Resources - Helpful information about autism and general behavioural concepts, at your fingertips! Read a tip sheet or watch a video, then ffs [at] (schedule a Follow-up Consult )to further explore how you can apply the concepts you learned.


ffs [at] (Schedule a Consult)

Consults - Take what you’ve learned from a presentation or resource and learn how to apply that to your child or youth with autism. You can access consults every time you attend a presentation, or read/watch a different resource.

For More Information

Contact FFS [at] (subject: More%20Information!)

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