Family Centred Care

TVCC has defined Family-Centred Care as a philosophy of support and an attitude toward clients that:

  • recognizes and respects the pivotal role of the family in the lives of children;
  • strives to support families in their caregiving roles by building upon their unique strengths as individuals and as families;
  • respects and encourages the choices families make for their children;
  • supports the adolescent as an emerging decision-maker;
  • promotes normal patterns of living at home and in the community; and
  • promotes partnerships between families and professionals to ensure excellence at all levels of health care.

We have adopted the following set of values and action principles to assist us in realizing our Family-Centred Care approach:


  • We believe people know themselves and their situations best
  • We believe people want the best for themselves and others
  • We believe people are unique and deserving of respect
  • We believe people function best in a supportive environment
  • We believe people working in partnership can reach goals that cannot be reached alone

Action Principles

  • We will practice clear, open and honest communication
  • We will ensure that people feel in control, comfortable and important
  • We will consider the needs and encourage the participation of everybody involved
  • We will encourage recipients of service to assume leadership in the decision-making process

TVCC is a proud Child & Youth Network (CYN) member. We are committed to working towards CYN's shared vision - “Happy, healthy children and youth today; caring, creative, responsible adults tomorrow.”