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Staff Directory

Name Title Service Area Phone Email
Carrie Connell Education & Program Coordinator Communication & Education 519.685.8700x53367 Carrie.Connell [at]
Lisa Corbeil Physiotherapist Early Childhood Services 519.685.8700x53472 Lisa.Corbeil [at]
Cathy Cormier Clinic Assistant Clinic 519.685.8700x58704 Cathy.Cormier [at]
Jill Craven Chief Executive Officer | Chef de la Direction Executive Office 519.685.8681x58681 Jill.Craven [at]
Jason Davey Workshop Technician Seating and Mobility Services 519.685.8700x58746 Jason.Davey [at]
Leah De Corte Physiotherapist School Therapy Services 519.685.8700x50430 Leah.DeCorte [at]
Tatiana De Nard Lead Instructor Therapist Autism Services 519.685.8700x50144 Tatiana.DeNard [at]
Gloria DeBenedictis Administrative Assistant Augmentative Communication Service / Clinic 519.685.8700x53478 Gloria.DeBenedictis [at]
Sindy DeBenedictis Ability Awareness & Kids on the Block Coordinator Family and Community Services 519.685.8700x53706 Sindy.DeBenedictis [at]
Sherry Dekraker Business Accountant Business Office 519.685.8700x53362 Sherry.Dekraker [at]
Michelle Del Duca Behaviour Clinician Autism Services 519.967.9214 Michelle.DelDuca [at]
Karen Delanghe-Hanas Physiotherapist School Therapy Services 226.228.1056x58729 Karen.DelangheHanas [at]
Alyssa DeLery Instructor Therapist Autism Services 519.685.8700x54088 Alyssa.Delery [at]
Deb Dempsey Family and Community Consultant Autism Services 519.685.8700x50163 Deb.Dempsey [at]
Julie Denney Occupational Therapist Seating and Mobility Services 519.685.8700x53466 Julie.Denney [at]
Rachel deSchiffert Speech Language Pathologist School Therapy Services 519.685.8700x50220 Rachel.deSchiffert [at]
Frank Deutsch Director of Finance Business Office 519.685.8700x53487 Frank.Deutsch [at]
Laura DeVries Lead Instructor Therapist Autism Services 519.685.8700x53744 Laura.DeVries [at]
Rebecca DeVries Occupational Therapist School Therapy Services 226.921.4147 Rebecca.DeVries [at]
Bethany Dinsmore Manager Autism Services 226.921.4600 Bethany.Dinsmore [at]
Thomas Dixon Instructor Therapist Autism Services 519.685.8700x58742 Thomas.Dixon [at]
Linda Dube Data Entry/File Clerk Clinical Information Services 519.685.8700x53485 Linda.Dube [at]
Agata Dudzik Behaviour Clinician Autism Services 519.685.8700x53793 Agata.Dudzik [at]
Kelly DuMoulin Human Resources Assistant Human Resources 519.685.8700x54095 Kelly.DuMoulin [at]
Janine Dunn Clinical Supervisor Autism Services 519.967.9214 Janine.Dunn [at]
Anne Dworschak-Stokan Speech Language Pathologist Clinic 519.685.8700x53436 Anne.DworschakStokan [at]
Megan Eddington Instructor Therapist Autism Services 519.685.8700x53775 Megan.Eddington [at]
Annette Edgar Family and Community Consultant Autism Services 519.685.8700x53450 Annette.Edgar [at]
Mary-Ellen Kendall Occupational Therapist Paediatric Acquired Brain Injury - Family and Community Services 519.685.8700x53465 MaryEllen.Kendall [at]
Trent Ellis Manager Information Technology 519.685.8700x55384 Trent.Ellis [at]
Margaret Emery Administrative Assistant Early Childhood Services 519.370.0777 Margaret.Emery [at]
Lisa Evans Speech Language Pathologist Augmentative Communication Service 519.685.8700x53424 Lisa.Evans [at]
Marcie Fallowfield Lead Instructor Therapist Autism Services 519.685.8700x53778 Marcie.Fallowfield [at]
Karen Faragher Recreation Therapist / Professional Practice Leader Family and Community Services 519.685.8700x53374 Karen.Faragher [at]
Simon Ferenc Data Entry/File Clerk Clinical Information Services 519.685.8700x53491 Simon.Ferenc [at]
Jacklyn Ferris Upholsterer Seating and Mobility Services 519.685.8700x53481 Jacklyn.Ferris [at]
Ainsley Findlater Instructor Therapist Autism Services 519.685.8700x58741 Ainsley.Findlater [at]
Abi Flanagan Occupational Therapist / Clinical Practice Coach Family and Community Services / Quality Management 519.685.8700x53375 Abi.Flanagan [at]
Tobi Flanagan Occupational Therapist Family and Community Services, Early Childhood Services 519.685.8700x53486 Tobi.Flanagan [at]
Todd Flanagan Occupational Therapist School Therapy Services 226.919.5475 Todd.Flanagan [at]
Alysha Fleming Therapy Assistant Early Childhood Services 226.974.0462 Alysha.Fleming [at]
Breanna Foote Therapy Assistant Early Childhood Services 519.685.8700x58754 Breanna.Foote [at]
Laurie Fowles Clinical Coordinator Family and Community Services 519.685.8700x50120 Laurie.Fowles [at]
Dr. Pam Frid Medical Director Paediatric Clinic / Paediatric Acquired Brain Injury 519.685.8700x51372 Pamela.Frid [at]
Tara Furneaux Receptionist Facility Resources 519.685.8700x58680 Tara.Furneaux [at]
Chanice Garbish Central Adminsistrative Support Clerk Facility Resources 519.685.8700x53712 Chanice.Garbish [at]
Randi Garner Instructor Therapist Autism Services 519.685.8700x50138 Randi.Garner [at]
Carolyn General Behaviour Clinician Autism Services 519.685.8700x50139 Carolyn.General [at]
Amanda Giorgini Volunteer Coordinator Human Resources 519.685.8700x53452 Amanda.Giorgini [at]
Katherine Goss Instructor Therapist Autism Services 519.685.8700x53776 Katherine.Goss [at]