Research Project Approval

Involving TVCC Clients in Research

Anyone wishing to involve TVCC clients in their research must first submit a proposal for review and receive approval from TVCC’s Research Advisory Committee (RAC) before approaching potential participants. The Committee's high standards ensure that the Centre's clients and families are involved in quality research.

The Research Advisory Committee (RAC)

The Research Advisory Committee reviews all research study applications and discusses them according to a set criteria. If any of these conditions are not met, approval may not be given.

The Committee includes a mix of people who work with TVCC clients, and others who have expertise in various areas of rehabilitation and research.

The Research Advisory Committee includes:

  • A TVCC Researcher (chairs the meeting, but does not take part in the decision making).
  • TVCC’s Medical Director.
  • A TVCC Medical Consultant.
  • Several faculty members from Western University (who have expertise in speech language pathology, occupational therapy, physical therapy, psychology, and statistics).
  • Members of rehabilitation disciplines.

The Committee’s role is to:

  • Consider the quality of the research project, scientific merit, and relevance to the Centre.
  • Make sure that the project has ethical approval from a university review committee (to make certain the research is not harmful).
  • Keep burden to staff members and families low by monitoring the number of requests.
  • Make sure that families are participating in relevant, useful research.

Client Confidentiality and Initial Contact

Guidelines exist to ensure client confidentiality in research studies and to ensure that it is a TVCC staff member who makes the initial contact with parents and clients when they are invited to participate in a research study.

Note: No research can be conducted with TVCC clients and their families without the approval of the Research Advisory Committee.

Procedures For External Researchers


  1. Contact TVCC's Director of Quality Management (QM) to discuss your proposed research. The Director of Quality Management will match you with the TVCC program that includes clients who may be your potential participants and will give you the name of the appropriate TVCC Clinical Program Director to contact.


  2. Contact the Clinical Program Director to discuss the general feasibility of your project within TVCC; the most appropriate clients, families, and/or staff members to be involved in your study. The Clinical Program Director and program staff members need to support the project, and agree to assist.


  3. Arrange with the Clinical Program Director to complete the page in your application that provides information of the staff and program management support, the pros and cons of the Program’s involvement with this project, the impact this project may have on clinical practice, and the name of the Research Contact Person.


  4. Research Contact Person: The TVCC Clinical Program Director, after discussion with the clinical team, will request a person to be your assigned TVCC Research Contact for the project. All external researchers must have a TVCC staff member as the Research Contact, who will determine the most appropriate participants given the inclusion/exclusion criteria, and make the initial contact with potential participants.


  1. TVCC Application: Download TVCC's Guidelines and Procedures and the Application for Approval of a Research Study (see below). Carefully review the Guidelines, complete the Application, and submit with attachments and CV's to research [at] on or before the submission date. If you are not comfortable sending your information electronically, please contact us to talk about other options. Since each member of the RAC has expertise in a different discipline, it is suggested that all professional terminology and processes be explained in your proposal for the benefit of those members who are unfamiliar with your area of expertise.

    After the proposal has been submitted, the RAC Chair will complete the page that states the potential burden to TVCC clients, their families, and TVCC staff (given other ongoing research). The Research Officer will ensure that this page is included in all copies of the application.

    University Student Applications: If you are seeking permission to conduct research/evaluation studies at TVCC, you must be supervised on your project by a University faculty member (or co-supervised by a faculty member and a TVCC staff member). To ensure that your advisor is aware of and approves the details of the research study, the name, title, and signature of your thesis advisor needs to be included on the Application Form.

  2. Ethics Review Board:Submit your proposal for ethics approval to a university ethics review board. TVCC’s Research Advisory Committee will review proposals that have not yet received ethics clearance, but will make their approval conditional upon receipt of the signed ethics approval letter.

TVCC Application Form, Guidelines, and Procedures

  1. TVCC's Guidelines and Procedures (175kb ~ PDF) (which includes the Guidelines for Initial Contact and Role of the Research Contact) 
  2. TVCC Application Form for Research Approval  (401 kb ~ MS Word)
    Be Aware: To better facilitate the review of your application, ensure that all of your professional terminology and processes are explained in your proposal.

Members of the review committee have expertise in different disciplines and may be unfamiliar with your area of expertise. Explaining terminology and procedures will greatly assist the review of your application.

Expectations/Conditions of Approved Projects

Research investigators are required to share / disseminate the research finding with TVCC staff and study participants.

Timeline for Approval

The Research Advisory Committee reviews research proposals five times a year. Applicants can expect to receive verbal communication of the results of the RAC’s review on the day of the review meeting, and written feedback within 3 weeks.

Application Submission Dates

RAC Application Deadlines

  • May 10, 2021
  • September 13, 2021

RAC Meeting Dates

  • June 14, 2021
  • October 18, 2021

A new Research Proposal process is coming soon!