Research Project Approval

Involving TVCC Clients in Research

TVCC supports quality research with clients and their families. Anyone wishing to involve TVCC clients in their research has two options, both requiring university ethics board approval. For “passive” recruitment, where TVCC shares information about a study with clients and their families and leaves it to them to decide about contacting the researcher, a study blurb with contact information can be sent to the Director of Quality Management. Studies that are asking for use of TVCC space or TVCC staff to be involved in recruitment, data collection, or any other role need to go through an application process to sort out practical details. 

Client Confidentiality and Initial Contact

Guidelines exist to ensure client confidentiality in research studies and to ensure that it is a TVCC staff member who makes the initial contact with families and clients when they are invited to participate in a research study.

Procedures For TVCC Research Applications


  1. Kristel.Pallant [at] (Contact TVCC's Director of Quality Management (QM) )to discuss your proposed research. The Director of Quality Management will match you with the TVCC services that includes clients who may be your potential participants and will give you the name of the appropriate TVCC Director to contact.
  2. Contact the Director of the relevant services to discuss the general feasibility of your project within TVCC; the most appropriate clients, families, and/or staff members to be involved in your study. The Director and staff need to support the project, and agree to assist. They will name a Research Contact person.

Complete and submit the Research Study Application Form

  1. TVCC's Practice Guidelines (45 kb ~ MS Word)
  2. TVCC Research Study Application Form  (47 kb ~ MS Word)
  3. University Student Applications: If you are seeking permission to conduct research/evaluation studies at TVCC, you must be supervised on your project by a University faculty member (or co-supervised by a faculty member and a TVCC staff member). To ensure that your advisor is aware of and approves the details of the research study name, title, and signature of your thesis advisor needs to be included on the Application form.

Expectations/Conditions of Approved Projects

Research investigators are required to share/disseminate the research finding with TVCC staff and study participants.

Timeline for Approval

We will reply to applications within two weeks.