Adaptive Technology

Adaptive Technology Service’s goal is to help make the equipment you need right for you!  

We design and custom make equipment, to meet your specific needs. We also will adapt commercially available equipment as needed

The Adaptive Technology Service works as a team with clients and families, and clinicians from across TVCC and the community to ensure that our custom products and adaptations meet your needs to support each child and youth to be their best.

Examples of equipment we build include custom bath seats, slant boards for school work, wheelchair trays, and various positioning devices. 

Examples of equipment that we modify include school chairs, standers, bicycles, toboggans etc.

Access to Services

Clients, families or therapists interested in accessing our Adaptive Technology Services for any of the listed equipment or for consultation and a quote should call 519-685-8700 ext 53395.

What to Expect

Equipment customization and fabrication are offered at cost for the technicians time and the supplies and materials. TVCC does not make a profit from the equipment and we strive to keep our costs as low as possible.

Funding assistance for equipment may be available through a variety of sources including school boards, employer extended benefits, Easter Seals or Community and Social Services.

For More Information

Please contact call 519-685-8700 ext 53395.