Leadership & Governance

Board of Directors

The ongoing success of TVCC is facilitated by the generous support and leadership of a committed group of community volunteers serving on our Board of Directors. The Board of Directors represent the best interests of the community and oversee the governance and strategic directions of the TVCC. Interested in becoming a member?

Ms. Susan Greig, Board Chair
Ms. Michelle Gunnell, Vice Chair
and Chair, Communication, Education & Technology Committee
Mr. David Elliott, Board Member
Ms. Dale Buchanan, TVCC Auxiliary Representative and Member, Communication Education & Technology Committee
Mr. Jaap Burck, Board Treasurer and Co-Chair, Finance & Facilities Committee
Mr. Chris Cunneen, Client Representative and Corresponding Member, Operational Priority Committee
Jill Craven, C.E.O., Ex Officio Board Member (non-voting) and Board Secretary
Ms. Lynanne Mason, LHSC Representative
Mr. Scott Fortnum, Children's Health Foundation
Ms. Linda Eligh, Chair, Human Resources Committee
Mr. Kirk Patterson, Rotary Representative and Member, Operational Priority Committee
Ms. Leba Silvert, Chair, Operational Priority Committee
Mr. Ryan McKie, Co-Chair, Finance & Facilities Committee
Mr. Ernie Gross, Corresponding Member, Human Resources Committee
Ms. Arlene Gavloski, Corresponding Member, Operational Priority Committee
Ms. Jennifer Timmermans, Family Representative and Member, Client Advisory Committee
*Officers of the Board in bold

Board of Directors meetings are held on the last Monday of the month, in the TVCC General Meeting Room, from 4:30-6:00pm.

Interested in Attending?

Please contact Erin Moss, Executive Assistant (as noted below) in advance of meeting with proposed agenda item(s) and number of people wishing to attend. 

Erin Moss, Executive Assistant
779 Base Line Road East
London, Ontario N6C 5Y6
tel: 519.685.8700 ext 53470
fax: 519.685.8699

e-mail:  Erin.Moss [at] tvcc.on.ca

Interested in Joining?

Interested in joining one of our committees of the Board of Directors? We are always looking to evolve our diverse and committed volunteer Board and Board Committee networks. Please contact Jill Craven (Jill.Craven [at] tvcc.on.ca), Chief Executive Officer, if you think you might be a good fit for our Board or Committees and are interested in learning more about these opportunities.

What is a Board Member?

Board members are appointed as unpaid (voluntary) representatives of the community. The Board is responsible to see that funding is used in a way that optimally benefits the community in alignment with the vision and mission of the organization. The Board endorses the strategic directions of the organization, however, Board Members are not involved in the day-to-day operations of the centre.

What is a Committee Member?

TVCC has four standing committees of the Board of Directors.

  • Finance and Facilities
  • Operational Priorities
  • Human Resources, and
  • Communication, Education & Technology

Board Committees are chaired by a sitting member of the Board and Committees report directly to the Board.  The primary role of the committees is to provide guidance to the organization through input from volunteer community members from related areas of expertise.