Kirston loves spending time watching her children ride their bikes in front of their home. The wind in their hair, sun on their faces and sounds of laughter echo in the warm summer air.

Zooming alongside them is her youngest, Trip, AKA “The Stunt Man.”

Trip has cerebral palsy, which means he participates in activities with lots of support from mobility aids like supported seating, wheelchairs and standing devices.

He’s able to zip along after his siblings (or over their toes) in an Explorer Mini.

“We had been wanting to try an Explorer Mini for a very long time but trying to get one in our rural community was challenging.”

Imagine Kirston’s surprise when she walked into TVCC for Trip’s first seating appointment and saw an Explorer Mini! “I immediately asked if we could try it.”

The independence she saw in that moment was amazing:

“Seeing that autonomous movement, his curiosity spark, and that little smirk on his face... I was fighting back tears. Those are things you never know if you’ll see your kid do.” 

TVCC loves to show off each child’s personality, like Trip’s playful attitude:

“They put a little lightning bolt on the side of his custom chair. Those little extra touches feel so nice.” 

Fun customization isn’t just a cherry-on-top, but also an important acknowledgement of who Trip is.

TVCC provides families like Trip’s with new opportunities. From experimenting with new devices like the Explorer Mini, to getting customized devices that express their personality and help them achieve their goals. 

Equipment to help Trip swim is coming next.