The Dr. John A. LaPorta Extended Learning Award

Two $1,000 awards... one for a TVCC client and one for the child of a TVCC staff member! 

TVCC is committed to supporting children and their families to achieve the highest possible quality of life. Successful transition from school to adult life benefits from access and support to pursue post-secondary learning experiences and the rewards that come with following your dreams.

Supporting the development of the talents, abilities and opportunities for clients as well as TVCC staff children is at the heart of this award. The Dr. John LaPorta Extended Learning Award provides two, one thousand-dollar awards; one to a current or past client and one to a child of a TVCC staff member who is pursuing a post-secondary learning experience. The award is intended to support an educational / growth experience. It is not intended for purchasing equipment. These scholarships were made possible by a generous donation to TVCC and will be available for many years to come. 


  • Current or past TVCC Client
  • Child of a current TVCC employee
  • Completed (or completing by end of Summer 2024) secondary education
  • Pursuing a meaningful growth opportunity (including formal post-secondary education or meaningful life experience).
  • Consent to publish a story identifying you as the winner and celebrating your experience

If you have any questions, please contact communityrelations [at] (communityrelations[at]tvcc[dot]on[dot]ca).


We are now open for written applications using our online application form - applications will close on May 1, 2024. In the interests of equal opportunity, where written submission would present a barrier to the applicant, alternative forms of submission will be accepted by pre-arrangement through communityrelationscommunityrelations@ [at] (communityrelations[at]tvcc[dot]on[dot]ca). This may include submission by video presentation, using picture communication symbols, or other alternative communication methods or with the assistance of a facilitator or caregiver. The award will be announced at the 2024 Annual General Members Meeting on June 10, 2024.



Selection Process

A panel of 3 impartial reviewers from the Communication, Education and Technology Committee of the TVCC Board of Directors will receive anonymized applications (the identity of the applicant will be removed an unknown to the reviewers). The review committee members will independently score all complete applications. Each committee member will independently rate the submissions using a rating scale or predetermined criteria including alignment of the goals with the centre's vision and values; perceived meaningfulness of the experience planned relative to the stated goals; alignment of the plan with the stated goals in the application; and overall subjective impression of the application.

Following independent rating of all applications, the committee will meet to compare ratings on each application, and come to a final score by consensus for each application.

The winners will be determined by the top committee consensus score.