At nine years old, Brezlynn is walking, talking and thriving – things her parents worried she may never do.

Kyndall, her mom, went into organ failure 26 weeks into her pregnancy. She almost died and Brezlynn had to be delivered early.

In her first few months of life, she faced many complications, from needing to be resuscitated eight times to severe brain bleeds. Her early health issues have caused long-term impacts but Brezlynn’s positive spirit and the support of her family and TVCC are helping her thrive.

Brezlynn and her family became connected with TVCC three years ago, shortly after Kyndall moved back home to Ontario from the United States. They have benefited from many TVCC programs including, the Cerebral Palsy Specialty Clinic and Splinting and Casting.

TVCC has gone above and beyond for our family. Even during the global pandemic, they never treated her like a number,” says Kyndall. “They always want the best for her.”

TVCC was able to adapt quickly to continue offering safe and impactful rehabilitative care during the global pandemic. Families can access a wraparound of services in-person or virtually, depending on current restrictions and the needs of the child.

“My hope for Brezlynn is for her to live an independent life. With her daily struggles but ongoing progress, she amazes me every day. When you think she is not paying attention or it’s not sinking in, out of nowhere she does it or says it! It was hard to hear when she was a baby she wouldn’t walk, talk or do anything. She has been proving people wrong all the time,” says Kyndall.

“Every day she tells me when she grows up she wants to be a mother and I really hope that can happen for her. She has an amazing heart and soul! I’m thankful to everyone who has stood by her.”