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Establishing an At-Home Routine (video)
Discover some great ways to establish an at-home routine or schedule.

Establishing an At-Home Routine
(393kb pdf)
Downloadable Handout

Helpful websites / apps to make visuals and schedules



Tips on Social Distancing Activities - TrailBlazers
A few helpful tips on how to manage your time and yourself during this period of social distancing ...


Stay Active - doing an art project

Staying Active, Engaged and Connected at Home
Online Resource with links to a variety of activities you can do at home.


Kids on the Block Corona Virus Video

KOB - 5 Things you can do to beat Corona Virus
Learn about why it's so important to stay at home.


Why do we have to stay home?

Why do we have to stay home?
(655 kb pdf)
A Kid friendly story explaining how and why we need to stay home during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Pourquoi faut-il rester à la maison?

Pourquoi faut-il rester à la maison?
(1049 kb pdf)
Une histoire adaptée aux enfants expliquant comment et pourquoi nous devons rester à la maison pendant la pandémie COVID-19.


My Favourite Things

My Favourite Things
(393 kb pdf)
Enjoy this activity with your kids by downloading and printing the activity


Mes choses préférées

Mes choses préférées
(834kb pdf)
Profitez de cette activité avec vos enfants en téléchargeant et en imprimant l'activité


4 Steps to Building Cooperation

4 Steps to Building Cooperation
Discover some easy steps to building cooperation with your child or youth.

Redirection Tip Sheet
(170kb pdf)
Downloadable Handout


TVCC General Information for Parents / Caregivers

  • Tips for Wheelchair Users
  • While learning and playing at home during this difficult time, it is also very important that your child spend time in their wheelchair seating ...

  • Online learning and Autism - CBC Interview (audio)

    Online learning is a change for all students in Ontario. Learn about what other things need to be considered for a student with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

  • Important Resources and Services for Families

    We have gathered information about important topics such as basic necessities, financial, community and disability resources and health supports. These resources are for reference only. It is not intended as a recommendation or endorsement of organizations, news resources, policies or political parties, nor is it a comprehensive resource list.