Autism Diagnosis Information & Helpful Contacts

Ontario Autism Program (OAP) Contact Information

A child/youth can only be registered in the OAP if he/she has a written diagnosis of autism from a qualified professional, is under 18 years of age and lives in Ontario.

If your child or youth is not yet diagnosed with autism

Children and youth may be referred for a free diagnostic assessment at the West Region Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Diagnostic Hub at McMaster Children’s Hospital/Ron Joyce Children’s Health Centre.

ASD Diagnostic Hub – West Region

905-521-2100 ext 78222
DPR-intake [at] (


Parents/Caregivers may purchase at their own expense, a written autism diagnosis for their child/youth from a qualified professional such as, a physician, paediatrician, psychologist or psychiatrist.

If your child or youth is diagnosed with autism

TVCC encourages all children and youth diagnosed with autism to register with the OAP to access services and supports funded through the Ontario Government, Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services (MCCSS). Registration for the OAP is through the Ministry’s Central Intake and Registration Team (CIRT). Contact CIRT to:

  • Register your child in the Ontario Autism Program
  • Ask questions about the OAP waitlist
  • Ask questions about your childhood budget, interim one-time funding, funding agreement or budget reconciliation
  • Learn about eligible and ineligible expenses
  • Central Intake and Registration Team

Central Intake and Registration Team

oap [at]

Navigating the OAP

Autism Ontario can help you understand the Ontario Autism Program (OAP) and which services and supports are available in your area. Autism Ontario does not manage the OAP. Each region in Ontario has an Autism Ontario Service Navigator who can:

  • Help families understand the new OAP and the services available to purchase with their childhood budgets and/or interim one-time funding
  • Find qualified service providers
  • Support families in navigating their local autism services to access meaningful and effective treatment and supports
  • Provide access to parent resources and webinars

Autism Ontario


Autism & Behavioural Services (ABS) at TVCC

TVCC provides information, support, education and treatment for children and youth with ASD and their families.

TVCC Autism & Behavioural Services

1-866-590-8822, press 1
abs [at]

Or speak with our Autism Family Liaison, Sarena Renaud, at 1-866-590-8822 ext 53746

Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services (MCCSS)

MCCSS Contact (West Region)

Scott Gregory, Program Supervisor
Scott.Gregory [at]

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