Focused Learning with Peers

The Focused Learning program is designed for children who will benefit from learning new skills with peers of a similar age.

For children and youth…

  • with low to moderate learning needs
  • with few behaviour concerns (e.g., little or no aggression to themselves or others)
  • who can sit and attend for several minutes in an activity

Location and staffing…

  • classroom setting
  • with 5 children and 3 therapists

Days and times…

  • each session is 2½ hours
  • 1, 2, 3 or 5 sessions per week
  • minimum 1 session per week for 8 weeks
  • morning or afternoon (we recommend younger children in the mornings)

Parent involvement… 

Foundational Family Services - parents/caregivers can attend for additional coaching and consultation services

Access to Services

Register with Core Clinical Services by completing TVCC’s online Intake and Referral form.

If you have questions or need help completing the form:
Email abs [at]
Call 1.866.590.8822 then press 1 to register with Autism & Behavioural Services
You will be asked for your OAP Client Reference Number when you register for our services.
Contact abs [at] for information about registering with the OAP. 

What to Expect


Once you have selected a treatment program for your child, the number of sessions per week, and number of weeks of service you wish to purchase, we will develop a Service Agreement and payment schedule (typically 2 – 3 payments in total).

The cost of our services covers:

  • all direct intervention with your child
  • parent/caregiver meetings
  • clinical supervision and training of staff
  • consultations with education and community service providers involved with your child
  • report writing and documentation
  • program materials and supplies
  • invoices and receipts necessary to submit to the OAP with the Ontario government

 There are no hidden costs. Please see the Parent Guide for more details.


For More Information

Email abs [at] or 
Call 1.866.590.8822 then press 1 to register with Autism & Behavioural Services