Safety Planning Kit

for parents and caregivers of children registered in the Ontario Autism Program (OAP).

What to Expect

Foundational Family Services has created a Safety Planning Kit filled with resources, information and tools to help you develop some safety plans for your child or youth with autism.

You will receive resources to help identify and prepare for safety risks at home or in the community.

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The kit includes:
•    A home safety checklist
•    “Child with Autism” alert sticker
•    Family Emergency Safety Plan – example template
•    “My child has autism” cards for use in the community
•    Customizable ID bracelet that your child can wear or attach to a backpack 

Looking for more information about safety planning?

Watch for “Keeping Runners Safe - Safety and Autism ” which will be offered in September 2023. The Safety Planning Kit is designed to complement the information gained at this workshop.

Book a follow-up consult with a Family & Community Consultant for a more in-depth discussion about safety. Email FFS [at] to request a consult.

This Foundational Family Service is for families of children/youth registered in the Ontario Autism Program (OAP).

Your OAP Client Information Reference Number or confirmation of enrollment in the OAP is required during registration.

Email FFS [at] if you believe your child is registered with the OAP and need help finding your number.


Dates:  Ongoing until the kit inventory runs out

Cost: None

Register: online at to receive a Safety Planning Kit in the mail.


For More Information

For more information, or if you have problems registering, please contact FFS [at]