Autism Mail Club

For families of children and youth with autism who have an Ontario Autism Program Client Information Reference Number.

What to Expect

Autism Mail Club is back! 

We have some popular items returning from this past year and many GREAT NEW RESOURCES for you throughout the year to come. Sign up now to receive up to 12 months of resources and tip sheets designed for you to support your child or youth with autism.

Select any or all of the resource items you would like to receive. At the end of each month, you will receive a package in the mail with the selected item. If a month has passed, you can sign up for a Talk With Me to learn about the resource you missed.

What's in your monthly package:

  • the physical resource (this is an item commonly used to help children and their families be successful in a variety of situations or settings)
  • a handout explaining how the item can be used
  • an invitation to book a Follow-Up Consult with a Family & Community Consultant (this is an opportunity to talk about how it's going or ask questions about the resource)

Registration will remain open while items are available:

  • September: First Then Board - Introducing visual supports
  • October:  Visual Schedule - Building an at-home routine
  • November:  "Dressing for Winter" Social Narrative and Task Strip - Prepare for a change in seasons  
  • December: Choice Board - Finding things your child likes
  • January: Exercise Activity Spinner - Keep moving  all winter long
  • February: "My Child has Autism" cards - Autism awareness in the community
  • March:  Parent Self-Care Activity Card and Meditation Stone - Caring for you
  • April: Emotions Scale - Identify emotions and beginner calming techniques
  • May: "Brushing Your Teeth" task strip - Work toward independence
  • June: Summer Activity Card - Community readiness and trying new things
  • July:  Fidget/Transition Object - Keep your hands busy
  • August: "All About Me" book template - A tool that might help prepare for the new school year

This Foundational Family Service is for families of children/youth registered in the Ontario Autism Program (OAP). You will be asked to confirm your child's registration in the OAP and to provide an OAP Client Information Reference Number if you have received one.  


Dates:  September 2022 - August 2023; monthly resources

Cost: None


For More Information

For more information, or if you have problems registering, please contact FFS [at]