Meet our incoming Board Chair!

We’re so excited to introduce TVCC’s incoming Board Chair – Michelle Gunnell! Michelle joined TVCC eight years ago as a Communication, Education and Technology Committee member. Two years later, she took on the role of Chair of that committee and has sat on the TVCC Board of Directors since 2016. Let’s hear from Michelle! 

Q. Why did you join TVCC? What's your connection to TVCC? 
I was looking for another organization to join and was approached by TVCC Board member Ernie Gross asking if I was interested in joining a TVCC committee. They were looking for technology experience on a committee, and once I spoke to John LaPorta and had a tour of TVCC, I was eager to join the team. I was in awe of how much support and passion the TVCC community gives to every client.

Q. What is your professional background/current occupation? 
I worked for TD Bank for 35 years in many positions, from a service rep in the Branch to Product areas, Operations, Call Centres and finally, a Technology Executive. I retired from TD in October 2019 and am enjoying the freedom of retirement.

Q. What do you enjoy most about volunteering? What makes you want to give back? 
I feel so very fortunate in life. When I had my first daughter, I decided I would always give back through physically volunteering and financially for organizations I support. For over 25 years, I have been actively engaged with nonprofit organizations in some capacity. I like working with different teams and enjoy supporting well-run organizations that make a real difference. 

The commitment I consistently witness at TVCC is inspiring. Every action and decision is made with the Mission, Vision and Clients in mind. It’s truly impressive.