Chip-in-Fore Kids Charity Golf Tournament

The Kiwanis Club of Ingersoll is a long-time TVCC supporter! Their annual Chip-in-Fore Kids Charity Golf Tournament helps raise funds to support TVCC clients and families. Below you will find the details of the upcoming tournament. 

  • When: Tuesday, October 4th @ noon
  • Where: Ingersoll Golf Course
  • Registration: Visit the Kiwanis Ingersoll website for more information and to fill out your entry form. 

Questions? Please contact:

  • i_robertson [at] (subject: Chip-in-Fore%20Kids%20Charity%20Golf%20Tournament) (Ian Robertson), 519-535-2666
  • paul_henderson47 [at] (subject: Chip-in-Fore%20Kids%20Charity%20Golf%20Tournament) (Paul Henderson), 519-697-6677