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Occupational Therapy  E-mail

Our Occupational therapists look at how children are functioning in their daily environments by assessing their abilities in three categories;

  • self care (including toileting, bathing, eating etc.),
  • productivity (at school, or on the job)
  • and leisure activities.

An occupational therapist may be involved with you or your family if you have questions or concerns in any of the following areas:

  • Fine motor or hand skills such as using a pencil, crayons or scissors.
  • Play skills such as choosing appropriate toys and learning how play promotes overall development.
  • Feeding skills such as decreasing sensitivity to different textures, spoon feeding, using a cup and adapted utensils.
  • Self-care skills such as toileting including special equipment for toileting (i.e., grab bars adapted toilet seats), and dressing/undressing skills.
  • Home renovations and accessibility.
  • School issues such as accessibility, equipment at school and transitioning into a new school.