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Getting a Power Wheelchair  E-mail
  1. The Treating therapist completes a Precursor Checklist with the child.
  2. The child passes the Precursor Checklist and the treating therapist shares the information on the Power Mobility Information sheet with the parents re: Accessibility to home and transportation. The parents book a power mobility set-up appointment through SAMS.
  3. The treating therapist attends the set-up appointment with the child and his/her parents.
  4. The parents contact the wheelchair vendor to arrange for training. A power chair is to be provided for the child for training in the community based on the results of the set up appointment. A training power wheelchair is available for the child to train in for a maximum of 3 months, or until both levels are completed.
  5. The child trains until he/she is able to pass level 1 and 2 in two environments. Adjunct activities (See Remedial Skills for Power Mobility Handout) are worked on with the child, as well. These augment and reinforce power mobility skills. The treating therapist monitors the progress and oversees the training progress.
  6. Once level 1 and 2 are completed, accessibility and transportation of the power wheelchair are in place, the parents book a prescription appointment with SAMS.

Note: If the child is unable to complete the precursor skill checklist, Remedial Skills can be worked on with the child until he/she is ready.


Last Updated ( Wednesday, 04 June 2008 )