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What are Behaviour Support Services at TVCC?

Behaviour Support Services provide support to TVCC clinicians who are working with children with challenging behaviours. The goal is for the child to benefit maximally from the treatment session.  This support may include education, problem solving, modeling strategies, etc. 

Who Provides These Services?

Clinicians with relevant experience and education regarding addressing behavioural challenges.

How are These Services accessed?

Caregivers can decide with their treating therapist whether they think a referral to Behaviour Support Services would be helpful make therapy sessions more successful.  If so, the TVCC therapist working with the child, requests support from Behaviour Support Services.

What if the child participates well during therapy sessions but experiences behavioural difficulties at home or in the community?

If the child’s behavioural challenges do not impact on their therapy but are of concern to caregivers, clinicians in Behaviour Support can help treating therapists and caregivers find the most appropriate community agency to help address their concerns. 

For guidance on how to access mental health and behavioural resources in the community and which agency is most appropriate, caregivers and therapists can also call the Vanier Crisis and Intake Team (519-433-0334), and be directed to the most appropriate agency. 




Last Updated ( Wednesday, 01 September 2010 )